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  1. Thank you Gouki! @Ragsy 2145 Fix for your Bike-parts mod right there. =D
  2. Finally gotten a map generated that I like, and encountering this during game load. Maybe a typo or something?
  3. Got it working, thank you @argenex! Have been playing with the program a lot, very good results.
  4. I'm currently messing around with the NitroGen map system, growing fond of how malleable it is and how quickly such good results arrive. XD I'll definitely look for the bike parts when I start another game.
  5. Thank you very much! Downloading the mod asap.
  6. The generated examples here do look very good. I've been trying to get the program working, but it says that I don't have Java, having installed java using the link in the original post, the console of the program still says that; #### WARNING ##### Cannot detect a 64 bit Java VM, you might run this program in 32 a bit Java VM. please make sure you run a 64 bit installation of Java to avoid out of memory errors ############## The path and variables have been checked, pointing them to where I'm certain is correct, and Jave is recognised in the command prompt, but the warning message still occurs and no generation takes place, I'm not sure what to make of this, is there anything obviously wrong here?
  7. Hello world. For a while I've been pondering how the helperblock system could be used to bring more randomness to buildings, like some walls, windows, floors and ceilings being damaged, and decided to quickly cobble together a tiny 'mod' that adds a new helperblock in that extends the woodBlock, with a small chance of spawning in BurntWoodblock1, and a smaller chance of spawning other variations in. Below is the main overview of three identical structures in shape. Below are three screenshots, one in each building from left to right. https://imgur.com/Quk1WFt https://imgur.com/RASxFPr https://imgur.com/WVMeeKa This item goes into the 'blocks' config file. <block name="WoodBlockRandomHelper"> <property name="Extends" value="woodMaster"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Dev"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="woodBlock"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="ff8080"/> <property name="Class" value="Loot"/> <property name="LootList" value="16"/> <property name="Model" value="siding_burnt01"/> <property name="Texture" value="23,23,23,23,23,241"/> <property name="ImposterExchange" value="imposterBlock" param1="86"/> <property name="FilterTags" value="fdesign"/> </block> This item goes into the 'blockplaceholders' file. <placeholder name="WoodBlockRandomHelper"> <block name="woodBlock" prob="1"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock1" prob=".25"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock2" prob=".15"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock3" prob=".1"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock4" prob=".05"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock5" prob=".05"/> <block name="burntWoodBlock6" prob=".05"/> </placeholder> I haven't seen anything of this nature before, or simply missed it, and I'm not entirely sure what to do regarding the resource itself, as I wanted the 'burntwoodsiding1' to be the preview block, so you could point it in the correct direction, and paint the inside/outside wall better making it blend in better and default to the painted texture, but I'd like to just put this out there as a basic resource to see what people might think, and whether this could be useful somehow for the game. Some ideas would be walls that may or may not be damaged, if the damaged blocks are given a weaker material, then it would have a mechanical difference in the game, windows that have a high chance as spawning as intact, less chance of spawning in as broken, or boarded up, doors that are locked spawning in as normal, boarded up or re-enforced with metal. For example you could create some basic little residential prefabs with a fence around them, though all identical in basic shape, could be easier or harder to break into depending on the condition of the blocks, maybe a wall is already broken or missing entirely, or the building is in good condition, so it's the windows then, or a roof piece is missing entirely. You could go further and have a decoration helperblock that can spawn in just about anything you want - maybe a back garden has a stump, chair, statue, fountain, or a indoor item that spawns in a airblock, decor-trash, corpse block and so on, meaning even a building that's been generated twice may be quite different from last time. If I may, I did also wonder about the use of dynamic prefabs within a prefab - taking a basic residential prefab, with random room fillings, etc. Hopefully this is all okay for discussion, and perhaps somehow helpful.
  8. Thank you for working on the mods. Would it be possible to have Bicycle parts like the chassis, wheels and handlebars instead of full vehicles in dumpsters? Similar to how we used to find weapon parts rather than full weapons, still speeds up getting a starting vehicle, but requires some putting together.
  9. Would like to say how good they look, thank you for working so much on these for so long.
  10. @Junrall In the 'items.xml' file, zombiehand-items are different from player-hand and the tools we can use, should be good.
  11. Peeking out of obscurity for a moment. Arguing aside, having purchased this product years ago, I don't often repeatedly come back to a game, so I can say it's been worth it by far, that and knowing there's more to come feels good. I'm not too fussed regarding how long it takes, fairly certain the developers mentioned doing all this would make it easier and faster to update in the future, correct me if I'm wrong. Below, a idea-tangent below regarding Vulture AI behavior and the possibility of using it for other creatures, curious to input. @Devs/Modders/whoever
  12. Loving the updates - power attacks coupled with what seems like zombies actually falling backwards via ragdoll physics, the 'twitching' is, hopefully, going to be kept in as it looks creepy, and arrows sticking to targets. Distant trees for forested areas would feel much nicer, but also hoping for easier manipulation of the terrain, or for it generally become more interesting on the smaller scale - more tiny outcroppings, little dips, small hills or even minor cliffs/ravines. Regarding healthbars, not too keen on something garish and bright-red for all enemies personally, but out of curiosity, what if something like that was unlocked via a perk, and slowly displayed while concentrating upon a single enemy? Doesn't necessarily need to be a large health-bar, maybe an ui-indicator or something.
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