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  1. 5200 hours, this game always has something that catches me, I think that the beginnings, the risks of dying at every step is what I enjoy the most. Well ... and run like crazy with my big motorcycle running over zombies too !! Survive, loot, explore, build, kill all Z that moves ... and not die trying. Much enjoyment! Ohh yes!
  2. Last night on the blood moon, I was accessing a ramp to my motorcycle base, when three vultures attacked me and threw me off my ramp onto nearby metal spikes ... that caused my death! Yes, the vultures are now a nuisance and a danger to be aware of!
  3. well ... if it is a race against time to survive do not look for treasures !! save that for when you have time! Well ... making it easier does not make it more fun, at least for me, if it were for that they would give us the exact place and I would not waste any time looking, you only dig at the point and that's it. The tension of searching, knowing that a Z can appear at any time and @%$*#!ing everything is good for me from treasures, in addition to the race for your life when you find it! XD But ok, "for tastes, the colors" as they say.
  4. I like EVERYTHING, about this new V19, if I had to criticize something, mmm it would be that I do not like the new treasure help system, I would propose that this be left optional, it is too much help to those of us who play at high levels of difficulty and we don't mind spending hours looking for a good treasure. It doesn't a speed race ...
  5. Hey! What happened to the A17 blimp ?, I remember that it was handled better than the gyrocopter, I didn´t know more ...
  6. The boars are broken !, it can't be that they are harder than the bare MOE! I died several times trying to hunt with bow and arrow or trebuchets ...
  7. My poor index finger ... blame the F5!! https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/un-dedo-índice-vendado-71187894.jpg
  8. Not a character art question. —Roland
  9. Yes, im talking about paint-textures, but more deco block would not be bad!
  10. Hello people !!, my question is if you are going to implement new textures for interior decoration, the ones that exist are practically the same since A14 ... or earlier Thank you! and keep it up!
  11. Steam name: Goldshark ROU Hours played: 4000 +- Started on Alpha: 14 Discord name: GoldSharkROU Native language: Spanish/
  12. MM, sorry if this has already been answered in one of the 120 previous pages ... will be a Katana-type weapon?, its great and y see the movement is very similar of the current hammer ... Thank you for my almost 4000 hours of enjoyment! GoldS
  13. Hi people!, I enjoy so much this game, but I have a question...؟A18 will be support to track ir (like trackir 5) or similar tracking system? Thanks!
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