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  1. It happened to me again, this time in another SV multiplayer ... level 115, everything without problems, I get to EVE, I take the first mission and it remains like this ...
  2. Hi Khaine!, do you have any idea how the A20 is going to affect the mod? Do you have any changes / improvements thought for this version?
  3. I don´t know if this is the place to comment on this, sorry if this is the case, it happened to me playing in an online sv, and now I see it playing SP, when trying to do the initial mission with Eve it freezes and I only exit by restarting the game. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi!, Is the distribution of minerals like titanium, uranium and plutonium random or are there better areas to look for? Tks!
  5. I have two doubts: A) How many portals are by default? In a multiplayer map, in the burned area I found an empty bunker, but that I was able to loot and I found energy cells and some other nice thing, I marked it on the map and when I returned days later it was full of Zs that died and reappeared. . Of nothing! and B) this bunker is a portal ... without having a portal? I killed the Zs several times, until I ran out of ammunition and I went out by legs to survive. Thanks for the great work with this mod and for adding many, many extra hours to the life of the game!
  6. Thanks for answering !, I will see that config yes, but it does not happen with vanilla vehicles, it is that it only happens with the vehicles that the mod modified, and only in this mod. Also, when disassembling them, layer 1 is the modified one and layer 2 already looks like one of the vanilla .. is this okay?
  7. I have just come from playing several games at UL and find this one to be more challenging. I´m in my first steps discovering and learning, and finding huge Devils, or flying (dark with missile launchers at level 2 already seems like something excessive), but it is something that I can handle if I stealth. What "squeaks" me a lot is seeing vehicles that seem out of proportion or with low quality textures, it is the little that I miss (apart from the Raven MD500). In any case, a great job that I enjoy every day!
  8. Hello!, Download the mod 3.4 with the launcher, and when I play it the initial and menu texts appear in Spanish (ok!), But within the map, while playing you see the missions and texts in PORTUGUESE, how can I change this to Spanish or, failing that, English? Thanks!
  9. Sounds beautiful!!!, Is something going to change about the sound? I say because today I´m three meters from a sleeper and he doesn´t know that I am disarming a car with a lot of noise, or breaking a bed etc. It is quite shocking that we feel it very high and the Z doesn´t even know. 😬
  10. Hello !, I turn around every so often, and I don't remember this topic was discussed, but since I don't read ALL the messages, I leave these two queries. Today we cannot connect two sensors to a door, and we cannot use a sensor on one side to open, for example, a garage door and on the other to close it. This has a solution in A20? Why can't we have an elevator? I'm not saying something modern like UL's, but something more basic? The Unity engine doesn't allow it or what? ever since FP "fixed" the fake hatch lift I wonder. Thanks!
  11. That would not be the end of the "lone wolf" mode, and by me it will be welcome, I would add "salt" to the game, and as in Fallout you come across NPC doing their stories and iterating with us.
  12. I hope you don't hate me, but the amount of what you carry could be solved with larger manufacturable or affordable backpacks, I would like the weight to be influential, having work tables, cars, motorcycles, and 10k of mineral in my backpack is not immersive. .
  13. well ... if it is a race against time to survive do not look for treasures !! save that for when you have time! Well ... making it easier does not make it more fun, at least for me, if it were for that they would give us the exact place and I would not waste any time looking, you only dig at the point and that's it. The tension of searching, knowing that a Z can appear at any time and @%$*#!ing everything is good for me from treasures, in addition to the race for your life when you find it! XD But ok, "for tastes, the colors" as they say.
  14. I like EVERYTHING, about this new V19, if I had to criticize something, mmm it would be that I do not like the new treasure help system, I would propose that this be left optional, it is too much help to those of us who play at high levels of difficulty and we don't mind spending hours looking for a good treasure. It doesn't a speed race ...
  15. Hey! What happened to the A17 blimp ?, I remember that it was handled better than the gyrocopter, I didn´t know more ...
  16. The boars are broken !, it can't be that they are harder than the bare MOE! I died several times trying to hunt with bow and arrow or trebuchets ...
  17. My poor index finger ... blame the F5!! https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/un-dedo-índice-vendado-71187894.jpg
  18. Yes, im talking about paint-textures, but more deco block would not be bad!
  19. Hello people !!, my question is if you are going to implement new textures for interior decoration, the ones that exist are practically the same since A14 ... or earlier Thank you! and keep it up!
  20. MM, sorry if this has already been answered in one of the 120 previous pages ... will be a Katana-type weapon?, its great and y see the movement is very similar of the current hammer ... Thank you for my almost 4000 hours of enjoyment! GoldS
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