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  1. He also explains in his post that the info was sent to the pimps. If you are expecting him to post the script and data here so any troll in the world can use it than i highly doubt that will happen. Frankly at @kalen it doesn't matter one way or another if you believe what he is saying as the proof has been sent to the pimps. It's up them to fix the issue or not now.
  2. @Roland@kalen What your failing to realize he is showing you in that video that any troll can log into any server and run this connect ddos scipt causing any server and its players to dynsc. Giving them all high pings...pretty frustrating. This is just one example of many the game is over powered client side letting trolls and hackers ruin it for the rest of us. The network issues need to be addressed sooner than later.
  3. i watched the a20 stream last night madmole and prime claimed they had no clue about the hacker problem happening on servers.
  4. From what other people have seen believes this issue effects pvp,pve,modded or unmodded servers. "It's a one way direction package and the clent processes the package<-This is where the hack is." What i would like your opinion on is if this is something that can be fixed by modders or NEEDS TO BE DONE BY THE PIMPS? Everything ive seen shows that the only people who can fix this is the Devs. I personally feel this security threat should be #1 thing to fix right now.... I'm just wanting to get your thoughts about that-thanks.
  5. @Smegzor I dont know if you have heard yet but a huge security hack has been discovered. The Hack that has been discovered effects server managers pve, pvp, modded or unmodded servers. Hackers are able to by pass server security passwords sending nextpackages to directly input commands overiding the admins/owners client side. If you get a chance check out this post on forums for more info thanks. looks like one moderator has verified the issue vanilla side. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22097-anticheat-update-considerations/
  6. @arwen294 Thanks for dedicating 18 months of your life managing this game on the pvp side giving many players a place to play. Hang in there man i know the last couple days it has been verified this hack effects pve, pvp, modded, and unmodded servers. Thats huge for a couple of reasons but mainly it is now known the hack effects not just "pvp" servers but all servers. This gives me alot of hope that the fun pimps will take good hard look at this and and resolve the issue very quickly.
  7. @deadbolt Thats the thing alot of players dont understand. For years hackers have existed but server owners as your self has had at least an option made by the great modders in the community to help detect against the hackers. Alot of the server owners pve or pvp who have spent countless hours , pouring everything they have into their server to try and maintain a safe and fair place for their community to play is what keeps this game going. This problem is in my opinion the #1 issue the pimps should focus on should be security atm. If they start to lose the massive communitys some of these server owners as yourself has built the game for sure is heading in the wrong direction. I'm not sure there is much you or i can do to fix the problem as the issue has to be fixed by the devs. Allowing a hacker to overwrite data client side is not acceptable and puts every server out there at risk.
  8. hello i couldnt agree more @gikon is absolutely right: the threat hackers now have access to client side is destroying servers PVE AND PVP this should be #1 concern for the pimps to address. hackers have figured out how to access commands to control a server client side and is such a threat they now have the ability to ban who ever they wish, corrupt current admin files and permissions. Ive playd this game over 19000 hours and never have i ever witnessed the threat from hackers being so great as it is now. Something needs to be done soon because i to dont know how much longer i can maintain our current server as long as this threat persists.
  9. maps will generate differently on dedicated servers vs what it does client side.
  10. guide to leveling on a pvp server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-u6NDlE3qE&ab_channel=Danrelius guide to find bases on a pvp server:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqhupSMv6o4
  11. @pApA^LeGBa You know i appreciate your opinion but i also been around long enough to know how bias things are- not just in this game but on the forums to. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but unfortunately, The moderators on this forum over the years have done nothing but discriminate against any one who plays pvp. It hasn't just been obvious to me but anyone who plays pvp. Most pvp players who have thousands of hours experience in this game wont even come post on this forum because how they have been treated against moderators from the past. If the pimps ever do decide to move the game in a real pvp direction alot of these players including myself who have been and seen this game grow over the years have alot of great input about the game.
  12. @White-Gandalf thats some really good insight from your past experience, thanks for sharing it with us. on this one if you remember there was a bug players called the "grass bug" pretty much any player could hit grass with a hoe and max lvl in a matter of minutes. I cant remember myself anyone ever complaining about it. lol
  13. @Gamida I used to never play pvp myself but started pvp in guild wars 1- after playing that for 8 years untill guild wars 2 came out which wasn't the same fore me. I eventually found 7d2d and started to play it. I playd a couple thousands hours 7d2d on the pve side than decided to switch to pvp since just like alot of pvpers in this game we eventually get bored of just killing zombies and need the extra X factor to survive. Like i said earlier playing pvp in 7d2d adds a whole new element to the game that makes it more challenging.
  14. McCragge 7 Days to Die: A17.2 PvP: Server War One https://youtu.be/TXLLfZv4lak
  15. haha good one, a15 was so great for pvp back when calipers existed actually made players have to get out and travel to find them: To this day i still believe one of the biggest mistakes the devs made was removing calipers from the game. As it is now players can just stay local to obtain everything they need.
  16. @kalen if you ever decide to play pvp id recommend watching this video: One of the biggest mistakes new pvp players make is "i built this base no one can raid it""no one can find it" this video was made by rhaikh and serves a great reminder about hiding your base on a pvp server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqhupSMv6o4
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXLLfZv4lak I honestly cant speak for other games why people play pvp since i designate all my game time for pvp in 7d2d. However i can tell you the main reason players play pvp in this game is because it makes the game more challenging. Since the devs have focused so much on the pve side of this game making "to easy""no challege" players who play pvp in 7d2d find it more a challege to have zombies and other players do deal with a better and more challenging option to survive,
  18. THIS VIDEO IS JUST ONE OF COUNTLESS VIDEOS THAT CAN BE FOUND IN OUR DISCORD #VIDEO CHANNEL THAT REPRESENTS WHY PLAYERS IN THIS GAME LOVE PVP SO MUCH. I honestly cant speak for other games why people play pvp since i designate all my game time for pvp in 7d2d. However i can tell you the main reason players play pvp in this game is because it makes the game more challenging. Since the devs have focused so much on the pve side of this game making "to easy""no challege" players who play pvp in 7d2d find it more a challege to have zombies and other players to deal with a better and more challenging option to survive. I definately wouldnt recommend for the "new player" to start on a pvp server in this game as most who play pvp in it have playd this game prior and have become bored needing that extra element of other players to compete against. Generally as you become more experienced in this game the easier it becomes to survive. The pvp element makes the game have an X factor that pve players will never understand unless they play pvp.
  19. OMG roland are there not any players left with 5000+ hours? did they all rage all ready? ....some things never change.
  20. @JCrook1028 listen man i really dont care what you believe or dont: This post is not meant to discuss what i have or havent seen but to push ideas from players with tons of hours playing this game. If your really that concerned about numbers your more than welcome to join our discord where 1500+ pvp players reside and ask them what they have seen. Discord LINK: https://discord.gg/VBQ25CG
  21. actually its alot higher than 35000 , prob closer to 50-100k : ive seen this many players rage on the server i play on alone over the years "bedbug""xray""countless other exploits/cheats". Its very easy to calculate the number of new maps/seeds i have playd on watching thousands of players join and rage -ususally raging over what they perceive to be a hack or cheat. This brings me back to why i started this post players who continuous ask or dont understand "nublet" questions or things- its impossible to explain to them but i well tell you this , anybody with over 5000 hours of pvp time would prob tell you the same thing.
  22. 18000+ hours is a crap load for this game but i can assure you i know people with more and my overall hours is not why i started this post. The main thing ive noticed over the years is how the game is drivien on the pve side: Just about everything from the pve testers on up: To this day i really dont believe the pimps fully understand the players they keep losing each new alpha on the pvp side. Some of the biggest servers and communitys in the world are pvp driven. Ive personally seen over 35000+ players rage quit over the pvp bugs that persist in the game. Since i play pvp only- this is extremely frustrating to see . My first recommendation would be for the pimps to add a pvp tester to their staff. As the way it is now even on their tester discord if anyone mentions anything about pvp they are either banned or pushed aside.
  23. Hello, over the years and thousands of hours i've playd this game i have personally seen alot of changes good and bad throughout the alphas. Most of which is nearly impossible to explain to new players who are joining it especially for those who can't understand"why has this game been in alpha so long?""why this or that?" I'm starting this post in hopes of players who have actually playd the game for extended time can post meaningfull ideas of how they would like to see this game moving forward instead of the same continous rhetoric. Please feel free if you have playd this game for 5000+ to leave a meaningfull comment. thanks
  24. obviously you must be confused to : ill try to make it more simpler for you to understand this time: when players dont see an option for a19.1 stable to choose theyll remain on the a19.0 stable branch because they assume two things : First: if they opt out their choosing an experimental branch when in fact that branch is a19.1 stable, Two alot of players wont play experimental. Either way alot of players dont realize in order to get a19.1 stable right now you have to opt out since there is no option in steam to choose a19.1 stable. This goes back to my original question: Does anyone know how long it takes steam to update the branch to a19.1 so players arent confused?
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