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  1. so when is the alpha 20 release
  2. Generated 10 worlds with different settings. The generator is poor. much worse than nitrogen. sorry for the bad feedback
  3. Well, when will the A20 be released? how do you like the idea of separating the traders in weapons, recipes and transport? By the rdr type. The characters on the map are scattered, which give the quest. Just copy the idea from rdr. The world would become more interesting, you would need to study it every time, drive around the map to get a quest, or to buy a recipe. will there be random events on the map in the future, such as helping a stranger, fighting off zombies, wolves, vultures, etc. now I just found a trader, no more need to go on the map to look for anything else.
  4. It’s sad that all the water in the world is useless. do you have any thoughts, add to the generator, new placement zone types. so that the generator identifies large lakes as a new placement grid, and spawns water prefabs on it. Like vessel by Pille. can you add new type lanscape: water. so that you can adjust the amount of land covered by water through the slider.
  5. i know. it was a question of whether it is possible in future versions to implement this? For example, set a standard height for the border of the world. And create POI based on this height. like a POI Vessel by Pille all you have to do is create zones that will use the borders of the world. New placement zone type "border"
  6. Hi Damocles, is it possible to do, new placement zone, "map border", to create poi on the border of the world. i use setting, the border of the world is water. I want to create a poi, for example, ships or oil platforms on the border of the world, on the water.
  7. I am looking for a mod for the gamma limit so that the player can not set more than limit. please tell me how to do this, or share a link to the mod.I know that such a mod is installed in ravenhearst, I tried to use the mod from there, it does not work.
  8. Please tell me how to remove a collision from corpses of UMA zombies? I had to remove the mod, as it’s not realistic+not comfortable when you can’t just step over the corpse.
  9. Is there a link to the GammaLimiter mod?
  10. what to write in infoticker.xml to show how much is left before autoshutdown? How can I connect a game chat with a discord? would like to have wipe zones how to insert servertool phrases into infoticker?
  11. who know, with how arguments launch 7daystodieserver.exe, to work right without startdedicated.bat. i wanna lauch 7dtdserver.exe as service
  12. link dont work, please give me mirror link I downloaded it using vpn. mediafire.com blocked in kazakhstan, may be in russia too
  13. How to use COMPOPACK_40 with nitrogen? I downloaded cp_40, I did not find prefablist inside
  14. Wow 2 weeks have passed, you already added the ability to tune landscape in a percentage. many thanks is this even possible?
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