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  1. I have been playing with combo pack+A19 since b153, it was not difficult to port from A18 to A19. I played more than 100 hours with compopack+ A19, critical errors that cause the console to open or crash out of the game, was not
  2. those who read this, what do you think about it?
  3. nitrogen at least good due to the fact that the world can be finely adjusted. At the moment, it is much better than the standard RWG. I think the game generator will never be better than nitro, since initially the goals are set different. Perhaps for someone this is a disaster)) but not for fans of the game.
  4. can you add the duration of the stone age in the game settings.
  5. universal answer. Do you think it is possible to add graphic settings to the game, the level of color saturation, from black and white to rich, as it is now? Like in dying light. I dont like the texture of ground in the desert. colors are too rich. The desert is just red. let's say I would set the saturation to 70-80% and everything in the game would look great
  6. <item name="gunBotT3JunkDrone"> <property name="CreativeMode" value="None"/><!-- No, it's not ready and we don't want you to show something that looks bad. 😃 -->
  7. so when will the release be? day, time, CST
  8. It’s sad that all the water in the world is useless. do you have any thoughts, add to the generator, new placement zone types. so that the generator identifies large lakes as a new placement grid, and spawns water prefabs on it. Like vessel by Pille. can you add new type lanscape: water. so that you can adjust the amount of land covered by water through the slider.
  9. 1) please add a couple of textures for the storage box. such as: for sale, fuel, building materials, raw materials, parts, mods etc. 2) add a boat model. that’s enough for us until you recycle the water and create a working boat. Modcreators use this model for create something working. Players, servers, can be played without loading boat models. 3) Create quests. Make a quest to repair or build an antenna, bridge, turret, etc. A quest for powering an object. A quest to deliver a box to another trader. quest to deliver resources to the trader. 4) remove the possibility to adjust the gamma or limit the diaposon, as in other survival games. For 4 years, played with over 500 people no one uses light. All twist the gamma. 5) add electrical appliances, forges, microwaves, ovens. The game has electricity, I don’t understand why not finish it. 6) modify the server part, there is not enough opportunity to work with zones. Modified quests do not work on a dedicated server. i wrote about this in detail in the forum. p.s with love, a fan of the game played 2000 hours with friends, with the same avid players
  10. i know. it was a question of whether it is possible in future versions to implement this? For example, set a standard height for the border of the world. And create POI based on this height. like a POI Vessel by Pille all you have to do is create zones that will use the borders of the world. New placement zone type "border"
  11. I will repeat 1000 times. Add textures for the storage box. (textures with money, building materials, resources) Add a model of any boat. Drones, turrets, are you serious? 30% of the world is water. Make it useful, we need boats, fishing rods, water pois Add the possibility to power, electrical appliances (bridge, doors, light bulbs) from multiple sources. so people can open the electric door on the other side too, right now electrical appliances are a useless thing. Add the possibility to disable in the server settings, zombie bomber. a lot of players with whom I played would like to be able to play without a bomber.
  12. Hi Damocles, is it possible to do, new placement zone, "map border", to create poi on the border of the world. i use setting, the border of the world is water. I want to create a poi, for example, ships or oil platforms on the border of the world, on the water.
  13. at the easiest level. with walking zombies.
  14. The question of the difference in player experience, solves 6 difficulty levels and fine-tuning the game. I played 1500 hours, everything ok for me. You add drones, fantastic turrets. But in the game there is no boat (most part of the world is water), no electric stove, microwave, decorations very few. There is electricity in the game. But it is not used for the 2 most important things, for lighting (because no one uses them. thanks for aka gamma, delete gamma option), and for cooking. There are electric doors that only work on opening from the sensor. (need to configure the door opening in the opposite direction) Basic things, add more textures to paint the blocks. We have problems in what to paint a box with resources, box with items for sell. More realism, return human turd to the toilet. return (blood kit, craft mech part, elect part, vehicle quickly ended in a 4x4 world). I have a dedicated server, with many players I play in a co-op, people stopped building the farm, we need to simplify the crafting of the farm plot. Google Translate©
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