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  1. Welcome to UVM (Ultimate Vehicle mod).







    This is a BETA release.


    These are heavily optimized low poly vehicles that will spawn in the world, on roads and in prefabs, that can either be harvested for parts like vanilla, or upgraded to a working vehicle if you have found or crafted UVM_Vehicleaccessories item and the UVM_impactwrench to do so. You cant pick up the shell to take back to your base or keep in inventory. You must have the parts to upgrade the vehicle then collect.


    You will either need to find the schematic, or unlock the grease monkey perk to craft.

    The recipe for the vehicle accessories consists of:


    <ingredient name="carBattery" count="1"/>
    <ingredient name="vehicleWheels" count="4"/>
    <ingredient name="smallEngine" count="1"/>
    <ingredient name="ammoGasCan" count="7500"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceMechanicalParts" count="16"/>


    The Impact Wrench is in loot like the nail gun. You can find the schematic in loot also.

    The recipe for the impact wrench consists of:


    <ingredient name="resourceForgedSteel" count="20"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceMechanicalParts" count="20"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="2"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceScrapPolymers" count="10"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceSpring" count="5"/>


    Upgrading uses a specific hit location on the vehicle, the front RIGHT headlight area when looking at the vehicle. (reasons)


    A lot of time has been spent on the physics and speed balancing of the vehicles in comparison to vanilla. You can still have the vanilla vehicles by vanilla means, however. Im not that mean :p (yet)


    Common vehicles are generally the slowest, while the super cars will have you flying across the map (I have based this on the speed of my PC loading chunks, keep in mind I use my biome packs etc)





    There are 46 Base vehicles included in this release. 31 civilian vehicles and the remaining are military (see below)


    I recommend a new game as they will not spawn into already explored areas in existing games. Military vehicles will ONLY spawn in military prefabs. Pray to RNGesus.







    The spawning ranges from common, uncommon and rare



    In future updates (dont ask for a timeline) you will be able to upgrade base vehicles into upgraded "Mad Max" inspired vehicles with bumpers, armor, engines, wheels, NOS for that extra zombie killing potential.


    There are known things (things, not issues) so I wont list them (just visual stuff at the moment).



    Adds Impact Wrench to grease monkey perk

    Progression unlocks of impact wrench and accessories

    Loot on shells civvy/military

    Car head light and brake light visuals

    Adds flashing lights to emergency vehicles

    Localization by Chiko and Adredan





    Furthermore I could not have done this alone. There was large contributions and help from:







    If I forgot anyone, Im sorry, its been since October :)

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  2. I installed only available a17 there is, then downloaded the files for this mod, copied to 7d2d common folder, but all I get is a black screen when trying to play the game. Please advise.

    UPDATE: Only available a17 I can find is a17.4. Also, I tried Sphereii's Mod Launcher but don't see Medieval on the list of mods.


    You will need to use A16 for this mod.


    Thanks for the note - i did last night put the .assets file over and tried some of the modlets. All looks good so hope to push this to the server tonight!

    Guessing no-one found a way to deal with tree's going to 1hp? I found this happens in reverse as well - starting a new game with the modlet and then removing it causes the new vanilla trees that appear to have 1 hp as well. Putting the modlet back on reverts them to full HP. Guessing you know this and I'll shut up now anyway as this is the DF thread.


    Thanks to both Authors for input!


    Yes this isnt something I can solve. TFP have also had this issue during an update. It purely comes down to existing saves and already explored areas/chunks vs unexplored. The issue will not happen in unexplored areas and will not happen with new "clean" games.




    Okay, so I believe SOME of HDHQ works. I think the lighting and the trees work. The textures don't because when the game was updated to Unity 2018, it broke the tools we need to use to import assets back into the resource.assets file.


    They would have to be installed on the server AND the client though. :)






    For A18 only the lighting in terms of resources.assets will work and I specifically mention the build in the title on nexus.

    Lighting is only required client side.


    All the other modlets, apart from the gun skins/spotlight IIRC still work fine and are required on server/client.



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  5. I'll be honest. You made a pretty huge collection of various vehicles. I kinda wish there was a mod that would throw them here and there randomly all around the world, some driveable, some broken, but still lootable or useable for resources. Well, I guess this is what Guppy's mod was trying to do, but that fun ended in A17.4... :(


    Hi ;):)


    - - - Updated - - -


    Imagine something like this: You find a useless car that has to be repaired, you have to find wheels, engine, and other important parts and once you collect them all, you can use them to craft a car repairing pack that will be used to "hit" the broken car and you get a working car in return. Fill it with gas and it's ready to drive.


    Another way (assuming something like that would be possible): A broken car that has an inventory and when you put the "missing" car parts inside the inventory, it will change into a working car.


    Hi Hi ;):) you spying on me?

  6. A18.3 Lighting on Nexus, got tired of waiting for stable.


    Hey DUST2DEATH. I am using Ravenhearst mod which by default uses your mod. I am seeing much more aliasing than in vanilla. Is this your issue? Also, can I somehow tone down the vibrance or are the textures like that?


    I dont think so. I dont notice any more or less aliasing using my lighting or vanilla.

    As for the vibrance of the textures, make sure your gamma is set to default when using the lighting. The lighting side of the mod removes all the washout vanilla has :)

  7. The main pack files will NOT work on 18.x.


    They are for A17 only, client side, do not install them to the server. 18.x only has lighting files available.


    The modlets all still work on A18, albeit with a warning or 2. I have not updated them yet, cause they work for the most part. I'll get to them eventually. When eventually is, thats a different question ;)


    Performance impact of the textures @ 2K is basically non existant.

    Use a biome pack and you will gain FPS cause they are heavily optimized compared to the vanilla trees.


    modlets must be installed on client and server.

  8. Probably a silly question but is the Tasty 18.2 b5 lighting files need to be installed on server and client, or client side only? Many thanks to you Dust2Death, I used this mod in A17 and absolutely loved it! Cheers


    Only just got back from a weekend trip.


    You only need to install client side. :)

  9. Awesome, i miss your lighting. Hows Performance, improved Over Vanilla? i dont know what all you did for the A18 Version. did you mess with distant terrain or anything ?



    Thank you.


    I havent done anything with distant terrain.

    Textures are a no go.


    I could probably improve performance of the biomes by maybe 30 - 50% but I havent yet


    - - - Updated - - -


    Thank you for your hard work. I played for so long with this on 17.1 that I felt lost without it on A18.


    You're welcome.

  10. Hey man, do you think you could make a small mod that just increases the density of forests, with the vanilla trees? Love what you've been developing man, thanks in advance.


    No need, you can just edit the xml of the current biome modlets to increase density.


    As Ragsy said, I have a LOT going on right now. No immediate plans to do anything here, yet. In time.

  11. The modlets all generally work.


    The Main Textures at this point are not happening. Terrain is now in a array like blocks. So, we'll have to wait and see what/if/can happen in some time.


    As for the shiny, yea, its just a texture thing.


    I havent looked fully at what I can get to for textures, just know that I couldnt change the terrain (as the first thing I tested).

  12. ? just installed the 2k version to an existing save... since installing we have found 20 + traders... the original 4 multiplied. im currently uninstalling 7d2d and reinstalling it and going the modlet version. ill update using the same map.



    **** had to completely reinstall. removed all mods and couldnt find any poi's other than traders


    No idea how this has an effect on traders or any other POI. The mod doesnt do anything to that area of the game.


    - - - Updated - - -


    thats strange, i have swapped mine from 4k too 2k a few times on this existing saves. i guess ill stop switching them so much haha


    should be no issue swapping between 2K and 4K.

  13. We did a fresh install. Now here's the next problem. I can join his game through the friends list, but the mod doesn't work that way and it crashes before I get in.

    He tried clicking "Invite Friend" inside the game, via esc, and nothing happens. I tried to connect to him through loading to the main menu via the launcher and it just hangs there at "waiting for server"


    If ya'll don't use the launcher, why even say to use it for your mods?

    I tried installing the mod manually. I made a copy of all my files, placed them on my desktop then went back to my 7Days folder and put the mod files in, accepting on the prompt to overwrite. The game would not load. This is all from a new, fresh install, zero saves. I used the launcher and the mod works.


    Dont use the game for MP.


    Run the ACTUAL dedicated server on his machine (or yours).

    Then both clients connect to *that* instance.


    Probably requires port forwarding to be setup.

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