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  1. The settings I use are for maximum density as thats the level I develop/test at.


    You can open the biomes.xml in the config directory for any of the biome packs and reduce the spawn frequency.


    <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_AlpineWinter1Prefab" prob ="0.2" rotatemax="3"/>


    Reduce that prob to something lower.

    For instance I have dead trees set to prob ="0.004" but you could reduce it further by either changing the 4 or adding another 0 in front.


    Simply changing the prob to 0.1 will halve the frequency etc.


    Feel free to tailor the biome(s) to your tastes.


    I'll let this release settle, make sure no more issues arise, then I'll begin work on bringing the baseline biome pack up to redux levels.

  2. I cant read it properly but from the alpine pic it looks like youve tried to use both sets of biome packs


    The warning images from what I can tell is saying that they cant find the objects to remove from the redux.


    Given the naming convention HDHQBiomeAlpine[version] Baseline always loads before Redux.


    you need to pic one Biome modlet for each biome.


    So you could for instance:








    But you cant






    You need to pick one of each Biomes that you want to use.


    Now what you could do is however write yourself a Biomecompat patch modlet that would load at the end and *that* would let you use both biome groups together to mix and match trees.


    But all it is saying is that it cant find x to remove because the preceeding biome modlet already removed it.

    The modlet that loads next would overwrite similiar entries, then add its new entries to the mix.


    How that ends up working, no idea. I didnt try it. You can *generally* ignore the warnings if that helps you.


    Interesting result in alpine region in any case.

  3. MAIN PACK files (resources.assets/blocktextures/terraintextures) are client side only. Do Not Install on a server.


    Modlets need to be installed to the Mods folder on both the client and the server.


    Just updated the second post on the first page with new installation instructions for clarity. I'll make it pretty later.

  4. But are the air borne particles meant to be seen when you are inside a completely enclosed buildings..?


    They appear when I'm inside my enclosed base.


    In the pine forest, are you meaning something else other than the leaves?


    The smoke from burnt and wasteland may infiltrate buildings, but the leaves generally collide with objects so unless they spawn inside the building from the biome spawner they (leaves) shouldnt be to bothersome.


    I'll look into options.


    - - - Updated - - -




    You have EAC disabled yes?


    I just checked the files manually from both the local repo for 2K exp, as well as pulled them directly from the gitlab repo (where the launcher pulls from) and both sets work fine. (I wanted to make sure the upload didnt corrupt).


    I'll test the launcher and see if I have any problems.


    Tested launcher and it works here at this end.


    Make sure to:

    1: Run launcher as Admin

    2: pre sync the mod

  5. Hey, for some reason the "HDHQ overhaul Main Files 2k v1.1 A17.1 Experimental B8" in 7d2d mod launcer keeps crashing as i launch the game. Music comes up and it shows TFP, after that it just stops the game




    You have EAC disabled yes?


    I just checked the files manually from both the local repo for 2K exp, as well as pulled them directly from the gitlab repo (where the launcher pulls from) and both sets work fine. (I wanted to make sure the upload didnt corrupt).


    I'll test the launcher and see if I have any problems.

  6. Ok. I see.


    The Seamless Biome Transition's refers to the Fog and Lighting/Spectrum changes as you move between the biomes. Particularly annoying in RWG where it can go from burnt to forest to wasteland in seconds. This is contained in the "Main Pack".


    What your images show is the RWG biome placement on the edges. That blending is not something I have delved into because in general, I was expecting? Assuming? People would add this on top of, or compliment other RWG mods such as Tin or Alphado's work in RWG.

  7. I need to flesh out some things for sure.


    The torch is still just the handheld torch until I make wall torches for it.


    I double checked Stable and Experi SP, both ok.

    I just tested dedi stable with the main pack and the biome transitions seem to be working ok too.


    Will grab experi dedi and check.


    EDIT. Working on Experi dedi too.


    You will have to find a way to repro the issue I cant. All working at this end.


    EDIT 2. Tested full suite of modlets on experi dedi. All OK.


    EDIT 3. Confirmed no text on the plants models when focusing. Will look into.


    it seems that i just don't install the texture-pack to the dedicated server, only the modlets themselves.

    as in "resources.assets" "blocktextureatlases" "terraintextures" "terraintextures.manifest" should NOT be installed to the dedicated server.


    correct, that hasnt changed.


    I thought maybe the modlets would have some difference, I havent tried a dedi server at all with modlets, I just havent had time.


    In a much better position now though :)

  9. Very nice update. Started a new game on experimental and looking forward to all the changes. I've only been in the forest thus far, and the textures of the new plants are just incredible. Love the color.


    All the best to you Dust2Death.


    Thanks. Enjoy :)


    when installing to a dedicated server, is there still anything i need to leave out? or install everything just like i would on the client.



    I'm going to install the 17.1b8 2k V1.1 textures, the biomes redux, particles,items,plants.


    also, i dont see a recipe in the items modlet for the torches/spotlights, does it just make regular torches and spotlights convert to your version/parameters


    Sorry I spaced. All the relevant locations have been updated.


    If you prefer to patch yourself you could create a recipes.xml file in the config dir and add


    <append xpath="/recipes">	
         <recipe name="HDHQmeleeToolTorch" count="1">
           <ingredient name="resourceAnimalFat" count="1"/>
           <ingredient name="resourceCloth" count="1"/>
           <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="1"/>
         <recipe name="HDHQSpotlight" count="1" craft_area="workbench" tags="learnable">
           <ingredient name="resourceHeadlight" count="1"/>
           <ingredient name="resourceElectricParts" count="8"/>
           <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="2"/>
           <ingredient name="resourceScrapIron" count="50"/>


    As for server I would assume its the same as any other modlet?

    If I need to make a dedi build, I will, no problem. Just let me know what you all need.

  10. Wondering if someone can help.


    My friend and I were using this on an MP server, and now after the new HDHQ update--we are stuck in place on logging into the world.


    Is there an updated HDHQ.unity3d file missing from the recent updates to HDHQ 2k/4k or was everything that was in their now in their respective modlets?


    As it stands now, if we download the mainfiles referenced above and place them into their respective directories, then load the appropriate optional files and add them to both our SP and MP mods folders; the game freezes the player in place on log in.


    Unable to isolate what's doing it.


    As I mentioned, 1.1 was not HDHQ 1.0 save compatible except for the main package.


    Because of the move to modlet format, it necessitated naming changes across all the items as to avoid potential conflicts with other modlets and to adhere to modlet guidelines/conventions.

    Now add in load orders with other mod combinations and your ID's will never be consistant across players.


    It just simply wasnt possible. revert back to 1.0 HDHQ, you can keep the 1.1 resources.assets/blocktexture/terraintexture bundles however

  11. Amazing Mod... you raised the bar in the matter of look and feel...great job. :smile-new:


    Amazing Mod!!! It does look better AND improves performance... Great!!


    Loved the A16.4 version it kept me playing the game for longer , great job on giving the options with this version for A17 and look forward to giving it a play.


    Thank you, appreciated :)


    Hi are you adding this mod to the normal 7d2d mod launcer?


    I have just uploaded the files to gitlab.










    Main files are on the launcher already. We'll get the modlets on the launcher soon too. Bare with us.


    - - - Updated - - -



    i cant wait for next week (maybe two) when i get an SSD. i'm dying to give this mod a try. i love looking at these images. great work. TFP need to seriously hire a lot of the people on these forums.


    I appreciate the thought. Thanks :)

  12. Thanks for the humongous update, most appreciated.




    Biome Particles:-

    This includes the biome particles for waste/burnt/pine forest


    .....is that the "haze" type effect for the burnt biome...? If so I'll be happy to not bother with that.


    Also the HDHQ biome pack baseline is 142mb and noted....

    Contains HDHQ 1.0 Very low poly biomes (alpine, jungle, burnt, desert, wasteland)


    the Redux one is described as ...

    Contains Biome overhaul in Vanilla Style. Thick Pine forests. Thick Snow forest, Burnt Pine forest, Desert, Wasteland.

    Trees are 2 - 3x higher quality than Baseline Biome Pack.


    but much smaller at 93mb.

    If I want the "better" option then I would ignore the first and only apply the Redux version even tho it is smaller in size....?



    edit : Just to add. Visiting a new area and the flowers look great, shouldn't the Goldenrod (example) highlight what it is by name when you hover over it, like the generic ones do....?



    I am using the A 17 Experimental game version.




    The particles modlet adds falling leaves to pine, green fog to the wasteland and smoke to the burnt forest.

    The haze I suspect you are talking about is in vanilla. My burnt only has a thin smoke layer + particles.


    Dont worry about the file sizes of the biome packs. Baseline is Baseline, Redux is better ;)


    About the plants, I thought they did, will recheck.

  13. V1.1 Now Available


    HDHQ A17 v1.1 for Stable and Experimental is now available.



    MAC and LINUX Support

    Bloodmoon with more red.

    Rare Ore Texture

    Vanilla Redux Biome Pack

    Modlet all the things

    Experimental b8 Support.

    Shadows cast from HDHQ Torch

    Biome Pack Framework

    Mix and Match Biome Modlets

    Zero pop trees (vanilla redux pack only)

    Custom tuned Reflex Scope Camera's on HDHQ Guns for more FPS'ness :)



    All weapons and attachments, all 96 of them.


    Prefab Editor

    Baseline Alpine tree resized, higher branches.

    More I cant think of right now Im sure.


    HDHQ 1.1 is not HDHQ 1.0 save compatible if using optional modlets due to:

    Modlet naming convention changes

    Modlet combinations

    Modlet load orders


    The mod is now broken down into the Main Pack, and Optional Modlets.



    2K and 4K Main Packs for Stable and Experimental (under Updates):-

    Includes resources.assets/blocktextures/terraintextures


    Optional Modlets include

    Biome Particles:-

    This includes the biome particles for waste/burnt/pine forest



    New Goldenrod, Chrysanthemum and Cotton Models




    All the gun skins



    Includes HDHQ Torch and Spotlight


    Biome Pack - Baseline:-

    Includes the Baseline 1.0 Biome Overhaul Modlets (5)


    Biome Pack - Vanilla Redux:

    New to 1.1 includes Redux Biome Overhaul Modlets (5)

    2 -3x Higher Poly than 1.0 trees.


    You can mix and match Biome Modlets as you wish.







    I'll sort the launcher out tomorrow.

  14. @DUST2DEATH - I have noticed that on some people when joining and even happened to me, That are some floating Trees, all are 1-hit to take them down, what is causing that and is there a way to fix that? On my main PC that I work off of and play on I do not see the issue. However others joining the server with the mod see this 50/50 on when that happens. I tested on my laptop and then I was faced with the same thing.


    They are EVVVVERY where, and felt like I just jumped out of a scene in Predator into a jungle LOL


    Can you please send me details in a PM. A way to repro if possible.


    Dedicated server Im assuming from previous. Existing save or new?


    All those types of details please.




    Im working hard to make sure everything that was reported is fixed where possible for the next update.


    @Chikorina: I looked at your tree farming report yesterday. All seems to work as expected in new version. :)

  15. Im sure.


    The changes to the next version to mitigate a lot of this and streamline future updates is extensive. It will give you all the ability to mix and match a lot of options going forward to cater your games to yourselves. Once I have the next version out I will be able to focus on other areas in a more timely fashion to hopefully avoid frustration for you all, and then I'll consider the updating to experi if it isnt stable by then.


    If I was to give a rough estimate of where Im at to when you get the next update? Possibly tomorrow is the earliest I'll even guess right now.


    I had a migraine yesterday, so I lost that day.

  16. It doesn't appear to work on 17.1. It crashes immediately upon startup.


    The resources file needs to be updated for experi.

    The BlockTextures and TerrainTextures *still* work with 17.1


    The mod will be following the Stable Branch of the game at *this* current time.


    - - - Updated - - -


    Is it the same install steps to put this on a server?


    Yes, but you only need HDHQ.unity3d and XML files. You do not need the other resource bundles.

    Everything as modlets *very* soon.


    @Dust2Death; Mod is working great in co-op online with my friend and seem to work great with other mods when put together smart. thanks for the awesome stuff :)


    Great to hear :)

  17. @DUST2DEATH I know its taboo to ask, but....



    my players are wanting to start a new world, but im wondering if we should wait a few days, to see if the new trees/update are coming soon. since it would likely require a new world to be compatible, we'd have to restart again.... in your opinion should i go ahead and start our new world?, or do you think there's a tiny possibility of a chance that the next version is coming "soon©" enough that i should wait.


    either way i cant tell you how amazing and grateful we all are for this amazing AAA quality mod/Gift ( It looks like professional work, is this your job or something? ) and i consider it a privilege to have available since it must require a lot of work and time.



    Thank you for the kind words.


    It's not my day job no. Maybe one day? Who knows. Its a creative outlet for me more than anything. I get something in my head then I need to get it out.


    Time lines are funny beasts. I spend more time than I want to admit on this mod :) I can tell you that Im currently working on the Wasteland Biome trees for the Vanilla Redux pack.


    Once I have completed those I need to fix the guns. (shouldnt be all to time consuming)

    Once Ive completed those I need to modlet the Baseline Biome pack. (this wont take long)


    After that, Ive got a bug I need to chase down in the prefab editor. (unknown time).


    Then we will see where we are at. It could be a week out, It could be by the weekend. Depends.

  18. Hey Dust

    Been using your mod in A17 and am loving it.

    A couple of issues re using with an existing save though.


    Firstly, you can get glitching with trees growing through boulders and through garden plants causing further glitching if you attempt to remedy it.

    Ground levels can glitch out as well.


    Secondly, a new forest of 1 hp trees causes an unintended exploit.

    All the trees are one hit away from their xp and wood bonus, reclearing a once cleared area can quickly give a large boost in both.


    Lastly, a vague hypothetical.

    How hard would it be to apply your textures to A15?


    PM sent about the glitching.

    As for the trees, and the XP. Im not sure if there is anything I can do about it with existing saves. I'll poke around.


    Absolutely they did. My comments above in my initial post were not very well thought out; I was just really salty about the reflection problems around POI's and I should have worded it a lot better... better than the rabid utterances of a deranged lunatic... at least.


    I'm Irish, we dance with lunacy till dawn and beyond.


    I think that most of the new textures in A17 are really nice; even with reflections off (thankfully). The wood, concrete, flaking paint, metals and rust, the detail in fabric military tents, that gorgeous blood red that decorates the spikes. And the flagstone is just stunning. Torches and interior lighting? ♥♥♥♥ing sumptuous.


    Running down streets, flanked on either side by all the new derilict POI's, (some ingeniously built by fiendish bastards) with your texture mod installed, with it's new trees and vegetation, encrouching upon concrete and brick, rusting cars and discarded shopping carts... is so very atmospheric. Really top tier. The "big man" and his team, are very talented artists.


    Looking good DUST2DEATH, I can't wait to see what you produce next. :encouragement:


    They are! I just havent different goals. Thanks. :)


    I enjoy this mod and the added textures, but tbh I like the vanilla trees better.


    Thanks. Maybe you will like the new trees in the next update. :)

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