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  1. 4 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:


    Just go ahead and plant about 400+ trees (spawned in from the creative menu) in one general area and check your FPS afterwards. Especially for lower end PC's, the results would be quite drastic.


    Just because they can do it doesn't mean they should.

    That's because their trees are 7000 odd tri's, and their vision..

    Certainly can be done. I did so for A18...




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  2. 7 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    Turn down the brightness then? 😜

    Also, high density tree locations cause a horrendous amount of lag. Can you name one game that has trees placed every few feet or so? Answer: None do.

    Trees are particularly taxing in any game, as are reflections, shadows, and water.


    Is certainly possible to achieve....

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  3. On 2/1/2021 at 9:02 AM, Ragsy 2145 said:

    Yup close ...


    Some good work can come from modding collaborations and its a good way to learn new stuff if you are new at modding I can say that because i have been on that journey .




    UVM needs updating moving forward for A19 and beyond ,   Dust2Death has been away for so long it may not be possible to get the original assets (convertion to linear lighting is required and Dust paid for the assets) ....if he does not return by May 2021 then it will have been a year and we can look into updating it if possible.


    We all are hoping he comes back to modding but it seems unlikely at this point .



    Ragsy !!

    I have impeccable timing it seems 

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  4. 9 hours ago, doughphunghus said:

    Are there any plans for a20/21 to be able to make the “fog” color of a biome (or the world) modifiable in the xml (either in biomes.xml or weather.xml). Currently You can change the fog color/density via the console, but you can only mod the fog density in the xml.


    it would be nice to be able to mod biomes to have green/yellow/orange/red/black fogs.  Right now xml moddable fog is “realistic” white/grey.

    Crazy right, who would do such a thing 😛

  5. 10 hours ago, khzmusik said:

    Thanks. I suspected it might be for A18, but you never know, lots of mods started in A17 and just weren't updated to A18 (because they would be broken, or it would take too much work to update).


    I'll give it a shot then.


    But, just an FYI to @DUST2DEATH - if you leave the version as A17, the Mod Launcher won't know it's compatible with A18, so it won't let you download it through the Mod Downloader. I don't know if this is a priority or not. (TBH I don't know if it's even added to the Mod Launcher in the first place, since I stopped using A17 by the time this modlet was created.)

    I did a fix and a push ;) Thanks.

  6. 11 hours ago, Wyrm187 said:

    Hi guys, I love the way the mod looks but how do I prevent trees from being chopped down in one hit? I'd like to be able to mine them normally.  what do I need to edit? Thanks

    They are only 1 hit in areas you've already explored. Any new area you uncover they will be normal HP.
    Or start a new game.

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  7. Dust2Death,


    in blockplaceholders.xml on line n. 37, there seems to be a redundant comment end mark: "-->" at the end of the line. Xml parser of the game may not be as strict to complain about this at the moment, but it could eventually cause trouble later if you wanted to extend the code, maybe by inserting actual comment and forgot about the redundant ending comment mark. It could accidentally comment out much more than you would want to comment out.


    Nice catch.


    Ive removed the comment end, Git has been updated if anyone wants to grab that one file.


    Nexus will get it in the next major update.

  8. Hi Jax,


    I know you have life going on now but someone is asking about UVM and the latest version of RH.


    I can''t get this mod work with ravenhearst 6.4.3. The cars are not spawning. With ravenhearst 6.4.2 it works. Any solutions? I play ravenhearst with 7D2D Mod Launcher. Thanks


    UVM @ Nexus

  9. Hey Dust2Death

    I know it's kinda plan to keep it low poly probably. But will we ever see a release with higher poly too? Those BMW, Supras and Lambos would look dope.


    Not currently. Depends on how big of a hit is involved once all the upgraded cars are done and they are all loaded at once ;)


    Thought behind that would be people collecting cars on servers, so many rendered at once etc.

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  10. Any plan to add motorcycles, or flying vehicles to this mod? Looks awesome btw.


    Both are up for consideration after the main body of work is done.



    This would be actually pretty cool. Right now I am using a different mod (alongside this one) that is only there for vehicle "decorations", meaning it places different vehicles including flying ones and motorcycles, but they are only lootable and harvestable, not useable in any other way. Together with this mod it gives you so much variety that when you're in the city, it feels very realistic. If this was all in one mod, I could stop using the other mod to save some memory.


    Motorcycles and flying are considered.

    I optimize the mesh and materials to reduce the gpu load like all my mods, unfortunately this is time consuming. I also need to build all the upgraded versions for the existing ones, then the same would be true for motorcycles.


    Im not saying I wont eventually, just wont be immediately until the main body of work is done. :)


  11. Wow just came across this. This looks fantastic! I love the design behind this mod and how it actually gives players something "More" to do. I will ping the rest of my server group to see if they are interested in giving this a whirl. Bravo!!!


    Enjoy! Please post any feedback you may have.


    Just a heads up, there's a warning regarding the localization file, something about missing keys so the localization file is ignored by the game on load.


    Will advise the relevant people, thanks.

  12. Well done as usual!

    About time, slacker. ;)




    Holy moly. Great googly moogly.


    How do we go about buying you a cup of coffee or just making a donation of appreciation?



    I dont know. Never thought about it. You're welcome :)



    Where did you get/generate that graphic for the credits/distribution permissions?



    I have been wanting a game mechanic (ha ha) like his for a LONG time. This is awesome. Thanks for the mod!


    I just capped the permission from Nexus.

    You're welcome


    This looks great!! I can finally drive around in a cop car. Really nice mix of vehicles so far.


    Thanks. Gup did/does have a cop car too ;)

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