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  1. Does is matter where to place ore extractor? Or just anywhere on the soil?
  2. Anyone know where or how to farm brass and scrap polymer?
  3. Hi all, again with a question: Where do you all dig/look for zinc ore? Got one somewhere but not sure where. Trying to craft some brass. And also what to destroy to get some polymer? Loot, blinds, plastic trash can's... anything else more common? Thank you all in advance mikey
  4. Thank you kind sir. For really awesome mod and advice
  5. Where can I find compact engine? Only place where I did found one is dismantling cement mixer. Any other place or tool needed to get one? Thank you in advance
  6. Good luck Subq with testing
  7. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=war+of+the+walkers+alpha+19-
  8. Plenty of videos on YT. Author is focusing promotion and helping with mod on discord channel.
  9. Any mod related way to find brass? Wooden barrels usuly give some brass wire to melt. I probably did miss few ways to get some more brass. 😛 In vanilla (and in war3zuk) I usully keep all that brass items and brake doors when I have perk for knobs but am interested if I did miss any war3zuk item or mechanic. Thanks in advance.
  10. War3zuk, is there indication where you can find ores underground or is it just luck like before A17? Will need to dig for a lot of lead and driving around collecting ores on the ground is good for smaller amount or ammo but now we need more... Are ores spawned like in vanilla, biome specific? Any tips before I start digging is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Not sure how you get rected so hard. Been playing on SP and with friend on our server and yes, beggining is challenging considering all hostile animals and Z's but nothing that club, bow or your starting weapon given by class can't handle. As you progress, even few days in, you will get your perks up. For me thats better club and stanima perks and game became much easier. If you lower damage of Z's it will be too easy later. If I were you I will rather try my best and learn maybe new attacking technics because progress in this mode is awesome and you really can feel your character is stronger,
  12. Your character was reseted, similar to when your PC loose power and character is lost. I assuming you loose all your active quests. If I am not mistaken, you can give yourself quests but need to know quest name. Similar how you give xp throu console in DM.
  13. Too bad people don't use common sence that much nowadays... So Mods folder is the same for SP and MP? Nice! And really thank you for your effort. My friend and myself are really enjoying your mod and is a blast to play. We made Jawoodle base but ended running around it killing Z's on horde night. :D
  14. Looks like I em doing something wrong. Usully every few days I update server and then two of us playing on it update mod on mod launcher too but can't seems to find github server files. It says its archived section and only read-only. Did I miss something or there is new location for server files?
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