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  1. Getting cloth is legit, though by my first horde night i usually have more than i ever use. Having to find bits of stripped down cloth here and there might be a nice change. As for paint, using chrysanthemum and oil on the chemistry station is generous enough that i don't bother with that fussy game of pulling dye out of clothes before that point.
  2. One thing I just realized is that after the first couple of days in a new game, looting piles of clothes, dressers, hangers, clothing racks, etc. will provide the joy that book cases do, where instead of getting some garbage t-shirt i have a chance at an armor set piece.
  3. Yesterday as I was driving around the wasteland on my bicycle desperate for food, I passed a series of small lakes and wondered about fishing for the first time. I think it would be a nice addition under the condition that canned food was slightly less abundant. Aside from this one early game instance, I'm usually not pressing for food. If implemented, you could use fishing as an enticement to put some points into the hunting and cooking skills, perhaps to unlock crafting of a rod/lure and various recipes. I'm guessing it's a no at this point, though, as they're generally not adding new systems or things on the roadmap.
  4. It's turning into this game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1167630/Teardown/. So definitely not in the same universe of ambition as a game like 7 Days, and probably not what I would have done with the tech, but it is at least a game now. But yeah when I saw that video months ago I had a long discussion with a couple of friends about how damn cool 7 Days 2 would be if it had that kind of voxel tech and a more appropriate aesthetic. The question is probably what we'd be willing to sacrifice to approach that.
  5. I'm a big fan of the more professional, AAA approach to your production process, so please don't let negativity on the forums compromise that approach. Regarding what you're saying here about PBR and lighting, I may have missed parts of this thread but is this something we should be expecting for A19, or is this a longer term project that will either be ongoing or for a specific, later alpha?
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