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  1. Hello, on the 14th I encountered a problem in Blood Moon, some messages appear in the dedicated and zombies were frozen, some parts of the map disappeared and I ended up falling into the sludge, we are using A19.4 (b7) 2021.04.20 - 2.3.28. Download Experimental, I did not restart the server with the new patch 2.3.28 as requested. output_log_dedi__2021-04-21__08-25-55.txt https://ibb.co/cQK44Fv https://ibb.co/6NVNKpr https://ibb.co/dM1JMq7 https://ibb.co/RH53XmB
  2. Olá, no dia 14 eu encontrei um problema na Lua de Sangue, algumas mensagens aparecem no dedicado e os zumbis foram congelados, algumas partes do mapa desapareceram e acabei caindo no lodo, estamos usando A19.4 (b7) 2021.04.20 - 2.3.28. Baixe Experimental, não reiniciei o servidor com o novo patch 2.3.28, conforme solicitado. output_log_dedi__2021-04-21__08-25-55 https://ibb.co/cQK44Fv https://ibb.co/6NVNKpr https://ibb.co/dM1JMq7 https://ibb.co/RH53XmB
  3. I really like the climate system created by the mod, there is some way to remove this system and put it on A18, with the harsh winter, season from January to December?? StarvationWeather
  4. About the climate that comes with nuclear winter, created in Starvation, can you put it to A18?
  5. Good night, is there any way to add the CompuPack prefab list in the creation of the Random Gen map to place new buildings? in the current version of MOD there are many repeated buildings in the city I'm not able to access the Nuclear Power Plant on my MAP, create the map using the dedicated one, click or start, I already rode a good part of the MAP with my bike and I can't find anything!
  6. I am looking for the files for me to translate the conversations of the NPC and also of the animals, you know what the files are?
  7. I have a problem but I don't know if it's normal, I started the server in January, 7 days passed and I arrived in the seventh week of January, when it was past 0:00, the date returned to the first week of January and it didn't jump to February , is this a visual bug or do I have to configure anything? Wanted to set up January to December Every 4 days = 4 weeks and move on to the next month. My game I set 90 min = 1 day, so I need to set 360 to change 1 month. Example: <Season> <!-- 1؛ week of January starts raining occationally, with no impact on te
  8. Someone has the NitroGen World prefabs for STARVATION. I don't know if it will work, can I copy the STARVATION prefabs file and put it in the NitroGen folder?
  9. WinterProject has gas traps, food, animal husbandry, planting with pests, insanities, need to sleep in bed, winter that kills all animals and plants, sad that this mod will not be updated, that nuclear plant ... sad !
  10. Are there any mods currently using the Starvation winter system? Putting a winter on the whole map ... If there are separate mods to download, like the gas trap, I really like them ...
  11. skolano

    True Survival

    Spider is possible to create in the 7 day to die these ideas. Example: When you are hitting the tree it creates a noise that can attract zombies of 15 to 30 squares, the same beating on the stone, opening doors, inventories on the map, as well as over cuts, scratches and breaking the leg, generating a blood smell of 2 to 5 min, attracting zombie by the smell, 25 to 50 blocks, are very cool ideas to improve the game.
  12. skolano

    True Survival

    I'm also wondering, can not stand beating behind, is there any way to make them follow until they die? - - - Updated - - - has some configuration to improve the zombie's life, I'm playing in the insane 2.5 of difficulty and even then I hit 2 to 3 times in the head of the zombie and they already falls and die ...???
  13. skolano

    True Survival

    Spider, I read your message yes, I apologize if you do not understand, my English is not very good, I like your MOD and if I come here always messaging is because I worry about the MOD, I currently had problems connecting his , but finally I'm sorry for it again, I'll try to solve it the best way, for me every time someone dies I turn off the server gets bad. In his MOD I found the balance to play, I put more zombies but it was really perfect, I still do not know much about it, I'm getting to know more and more, playing practically 24 hours a day !! Hugs and a good weekend !!
  14. skolano

    True Survival

    I'm opening the right Dedicated Now, I deleted everything and I made it from scratch, the problem that the message appears and I can not get into the server.
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