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  1. Thats why I tagged OP as well, its a error in the files. You can fix it yourself if you remove/replace the '&' (ampersand character). I replace it with the word 'and' so it still makes sense. Code removed as it was fixed.
  2. @GneX, @Leaffallinglight No, the ModInfo.xml is invalid, you cannot put '&' into XML like normal text, its a special char used for encoding chars that are not valid in XML. So either replace it with the word 'and' or with the encoding for the ampersand '&amp;'. https://www.freeformatter.com/xml-validator-xsd.html Error: The Entity Name Must Immediately Follow The '&' In The Entity Reference., Line '4', Column '62'. (line 4 because it does not count the <xml> header...)
  3. Thats for A16. A17 6.0.3 Beta is only on the GitHub. (Commit)
  4. Hapy new year! Fireworks prevented sleep, so: I used Meld (Diff-Tool) to find your changes and recreated them with xPath. I am pretty sure I made no mistake, but I am quite tired, so there is probably one small typo or something. Short testing showed no breaking bugs. I don't recommend installing this!! Thats why I didn't make it a complete modlet. Hope it helps you, DUST2DEATH. HDHQ xPath.zip
  5. Multiple open sounds for the shelves: backpack, fridge and chest. Shouldn't it be the same for all? Hope you find out how to add a new model soon. Loot depending on how it looks would be awesome. Enjoying your mods a lot!
  6. The windows size is too large. I set both barrels and pallets to 6x6, no more errors (tested in a new world). You have to do this before creating the world! I forgot to do it and can't loot them... I hope its only the barrels near me and as soon as I travel I don't get errors.
  7. The combine tool windows that was in the workbench. Repairs and upgrades the tool. @stallionsden: Homebrew goes to pallet download.
  8. Playing around with it a bit, really like it. I hope we get more functions, like 'mult', 'add', 'sub'. For now I will use stacksize selectors: <configs> <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name,'resource')]/property[ @name='Stacknumber' and @value > 900 ]/@value">20000</set> <set xpath="/items/item[contains(@name,'resource')]/property[ @name='Stacknumber' and @value <= 900 and @value > 400 ]/@value">2000</set> <set xpath="/items/item[contains(
  9. The newest version has a large backpack. Normal size is no more. You can't really install another mod because lots of UI changes are done.
  10. There are "Scrapping for Dummies" (At least the texture looks like it) Books for Iron, Brass, Plastic, Tungsten, etc. Can be annoying to get them all...
  11. Thanks for the updates! Cities are so big!! Side question: Is it normal that everything I craft gets "starred"? Very annoying to remove it after crafting something.
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