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  1. The looting speed is insane at max level in comparison, too, and that alone makes the perk worth it in my opinion. When it takes me 20% of the time it takes you to look through that car, I know I can do it with enemies chasing my tail while you're looking at like 15 seconds to loot it.
  2. I actually had a Spider before the first night ended, and certainly had both ferals and wolves before level 2. It seems like there are less zeds, but that they feel stronger now.
  3. Aviose


    Amazing mod, as always. I love the one supporter mod I've played with. (I wonder which one that would be? Had to test the one named after me.)
  4. I'm curious if it is possible to use a non-repeatable quest and put it on the trader. I've been working to try to create quests with someone and wasn't sure how it would impact the trader. If someone clears a non-repeatable quest that is on the trader, will that quest never populate for them again? Will they be locked from accepting it while it is listed on the trader? Does anyone know this?
  5. Jawoodle did a video testing the changes, and it looks good. When they try to jump to you and fall, not only do they try to break a block as they are falling, they continue trying to break blocks in destroy mode for a couple seconds, then switch back to their path, so while they still fall for the same tricks with ramps and what not, they will slowly beat down your defenses while doing so, thus eventually leading to full destroy mode.
  6. My suggestion would be that if you are modding someone else's mod, name your mod directory after theirs, and append your own name... so if I named my mod AvimodsAI, you could name yours AvimodsAIKHZModlet or something like that. it would ensure it gets loaded after without having to be too contrived, so people don't name all their mods ZZZMod or something like that just to create priority.
  7. And this is typically because it doesn't matter how pretty things are when they are first set up. Things in your system will change. Cables will be moved... And the more cables the network requires the worse it will work, from day one. I worked on a PKI team where we all had to do a bit of everything system/network administration, and there were times when we would drop everything for a weekend to remove and reorganize all the cables, but it still looked like spaghetti quickly. - - - Updated - - - Well, regardless of that, the zombies will be.
  8. Plus, they will also kill tree forts now, too, iirc.
  9. So like Death Road to Canada? While I enjoy that, I enjoy 7dtd for different reasons.
  10. I couldn't do the thunder... I've had issues with thuderstorms and fireworks since I left Iraq. Too much mortar fire. I play with the sound pretty low because of this.
  11. Possibly, but they had mostly M16's when I was still in like 8 years ago. They're a support oriented post, not infantry, so they aren't exactly first in line to get upgraded weaponry. Only about a fifth of their individual firearms in the units I was a part of were M4's at the time. That said, it isn't like they aren't almost identical weapons. It's mostly the stock length being adjustable that marks them as different from an M16, mechanically... To make them better for short range use in situations such as breaking in to buildings and clearing them.
  12. 7 Military Bases in Arizona. Yuma Proving Ground (Army) MCAS Yuma (Marines) Barry M. Goldwater Range (AF) Camp Navajo (Army) Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (AF) Luke Air Force Base (AF) Fort Huachuca (Army) I work at Fort Huachuca, and have lived in AZ since the 90's when not stationed elsewhere while I was in the Army.
  13. How do people miss the most obvious hype train image source for this game? (Train to Busan)
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