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  • Wrong Mission in Multiplayer

    Liesel Weppen

    Two players having each a mission in the same poi, was always a problem, once you've done the quest of one player, you can't start the quest of the other player until first player returned it to the trader.


    I guess there is some wierd mixup between quests in multiplayer.


    Today we figured out:

    Player A had a nighttime-only quest in one POI while player B had a fetch quest in the same POI. Player B started the quest (which at the exclamation mark was told as fetch quest), but it turned out it started the nighttime quest of Player A. We had to repair a generator and there was no satchel. DURING DAY!


    There is obviously something really strange happening with shared quests in the same POI. Is there some sort of single instance of quest per POI, instead of having two quests by each player?

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    Duh, since edit is not possible:


    Player A accepted the nighttime quest (long) before Player B accepted the fetch quest in the same POI. So i guess it's not per player, but queuing quests per POI in order you've accepted the quests at the trader?


    We often had quests at the same POI but since there have been no nighttime quests before A20, with the mentioned problems, we probably just never noticed it mixes up quests?

    Quest also started with the "power down" sound of a nighttime quest.

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    I didn't try to reproduce it, i just saw it happening. I don't even know how i can enforce it for testing and i for sure will not try and repeat accepting quests until two players have a quest in the same poi again.


    For reproduction i'd suggest to try:


    1) 2 Players on one server, both need to be "friends" for being able to share quests

    2) Player 1 accepts a quest of certain kind (fetch/clear/night), for example night

    3) Player 2 needs to get a quest in the same poi (however you can enforce this for testing), e.g. fetch

    3a) probably the quest of player 2 needs to be a different quest type, but not sure about that

    4)  Both go to the POI

    5) Player 2 (the player that accepted the quest in this poi as second) starts the quest at the exclamation mark


    From what i saw here it didn't start the fetch-quest of player 2 but instead the night quest of player 1 (during day).


    I didn't pay attention if in the quest log finally the mission of player 1 was completed or additionally wrong the quest of player 2.


    It's not on my server, but i asked the server owner for the logs. Probably something can be seen there, but it will not be "compact" as there were several hours of playtime between when each accepted his quest and when we actually startet that quest.


    As i said, we just noticed it because we had to repair a generator during day. The initial problem might even be older, but not sure if we would have noticed the different quest types if it just exchanged fetch and clear, because they are to similar.

    Probably additional hint, not sure if it maters: Both quests were from the same trader.

    Further information:

    Dedicated server was started with the first A20 experimental with of course a new map (random gen). The issue happend just yesterday with of course the current final A20.

    EAC is turned off, crossplay is turned off.

    Serverhardware runs in a virtual machine, serverhardware even changed in the meantime.

    But i'm quite sure, all of this is not relevant.

    If it might be relevant, the POI was a farm poi with corn in the front, a main building and a garage next to it, where the generator is in the garage. Iirc you follow the path through the main building and finally get into the garage over it's roof.

    I don't know the name of the POI.

    From the webmap it was this POI:


    Obviously a POI that can give night quests and fetch/clear. ;)

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    Perhaps it's also possible to reproduce with just one player but two quests from different traders but in the same poi?

    If you have two quests in the same POI there is afaik no way to choose which one you actually want to start? Or does it matter which quest you have marked as active?

    In this case player 2 had his fetch quest active. The nighttime quest that wrongly started was not marked as active from player 1.


    I don't know how you implemented the quest handling. ;)

    But something seems to be fishy with having multiple quests in the same POI, at least if it is two different players.

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    As i said, the savegame was started with the first experimental release, don't know which build this was, but it was not generated with the final release of A20 (which a assume is b238).

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    > Perhaps it's also possible to reproduce with just one player but two quests from different traders but in the same poi?

    Not sure about context (a lot to read carefully, sorry), but such thing did happen to me in A20.5; got T2 Restore Power quest in another city, went to local trader for quests, got T2 Fetch/Clear to the same POI; starting quest at evening (not yet nighttime) started Restore Power. Odd stuff.

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