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  1. Have Day count Zombie variations ever been considered? Like I don't mean gamestage since it can vary because of difficulty but like actual days passing in game making the zombies mutate due to just the passage of time? Like once we get past day 49 and onto day 50 we see new Zombie types or old ones with new abilities.
  2. dude I've played intellect tree and it's painted as the crafter skill tree and it's useless. better barter is what makes that tree decent. funny you saying that im just reading the perk trees when basically the past 2 alphas have been about getting perks. like why wouldn't anyone read the perk tree for the skills since you yourself have said the perks help alot. you even talk about go out and loot and get perks but if you are out looting and doing quests and using the trader you can get all the stuff intellect perks unlock. getting a tiny bit of experience from traps and using a little less resources isn't something special. I know you are super defensive over any kind of criticism especially when asked legitimate questions that have some criticism in it.
  3. any planned changes to intelligence? since crafting stations are kinda easy to find now and schematics are easier to find since quests can just restock buildings and most buildings have a few books shelves not to mention the trader selling work stations and vehicles It makes the entire or most of the intelligence tree kinda pointless to get. like better bartering is the only decent one to get and that's because it unlocks more of the traders secret stash which then really makes the rest of intelligence pointless.
  4. so increasing difficulty just makes zombies hit like trucks and nerfs your damage into the ground which then makes the zombies bullets sponges. yeah they really need to put player and zombie damage into their own adjustable options.
  5. what exactly do the difficulty settings do? like do they just make zombies hit harder and the players do less damage? I feel that isn't really explained when setting those options. unless I went streamer blind and missed it completely.
  6. i will remmeber to be a big boy next time. I just don't see the reason for steel tools. heck if iron tools can break blocks as fast, take less resources to craft and end up using less stamina than steel tools what makes the steel tool such a huge upgrade? like seriously if I breaking a block takes 2 shots with either a iron or steel tool then why bother with a steel tool? maybe it's just me and my dumb reasoning for not being a big boy for thinking a upgrade in tier should show obvious benefits compared to a lower tier item.
  7. so what is the point of still having steel tools in the game? with mods being added and stamina being an issue for some players it seems as of late that steel tools are just skipped. I go from iron tools right into auger and have skipped steel tools for awhile now just curious if this is something other players do and if TFP have considered just getting rid of the steel tools altogether?
  8. does anyone even bother going full into a Melle tree? every time I've played brawler I max out fortitude and brawler perk by level 18 and the zombies become a joke at warrior difficulty. like what exactly do some of you want? all weapons aren't meant to be viable or the same for every single situation. I would never expect fists to have the same damage capabilities as sledgehammer, club or even blades for obvious reasons. if you go out and loot you will find that intelligence tree is pointless, work stations are easy to find and the trader will be able to supply most of your needs. honestly I'm sorta at the point where I wouldn't mind if bandits got pushed back to alpha 21 and the entire loot, schematics and trader system got reworked.
  9. cost of resources to get the rounds for that shotgun? also it's still inventory space for the shotgun rounds or the charges which are a pain to craft compared to going to a vending machine spending 100 dukes and buying the candies since most player hit up vending machines on a daily basis. how many charges or shells are needed for the safe? what is the cost for those materials? also time to gather those materials and time to craft them all factor into just how OP those candies are. honestly why would I waste resources on shells or charges which can go to crafting bullets or lowering pick axe durability when a simple 100 duke candy is a cheaper and time saving alternative?
  10. ok. how much time and effort go into getting jail breaker candy vs using other methods? also amount of resources and perk points. the idea of a 100 duke candy letting you 100% lockpick is very OP. 100 duke is a joke to get and with vending machines respawning what every day? it's very easy to obtain jail breakers. the idea of not calling those candies anything outside of OP is kinda ridiculous. kinda weird that those candies are OK while other things that weren't even close to being that good got nerfed to hell.
  11. any word on when the next update is going to fix all the problems b169 caused? game is a bit on the unplayable side this experimental it seems.
  12. Ah ok. Forgot to mention that. I had no idea sorcery had that type of stuff in it. Here I thought khain was showing us some mercy and added in some fancy feature to make living at the trader more desirable lol. Many thanks for the information.
  13. Are we suppose to get exp when the Guard NPCs at the traders kill zombies? Not sure if this was answered already or not.
  14. Yeah just figured that out lol. Kept seeing on 17.1 b9 on the upper right hand when I loaded the mod but didn't bother to think that I was using the copy of 7dtd which was 17.2 instead of doing a direct download of the 17.1 version from steam.
  15. Is anyone else having an issue with a white screen? Can't seem to play a new game without the screen being totally white. I've reinstalled the mod a few times, changed resolution, gamma is at 0% any possible solutions? Thanks.
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