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  1. We'll most likely get told the release date the day before the streamer weekend starts so only 4 days before experimental drops. That could still be a couple of weeks away at this point too
  2. Has there been any changes to critical hits/injuries in A20? Are vultures still absolute crit dealing machines? And on a more general note, has there ever been consideration given to having different XP for kills with different weapons? Like more xp for melee vs ranged?
  3. I got the impression from one of the streams that they were in content lock for a while now so just bug fixing, so I'm not sure the longer wait will result in more content being added
  4. Does the drone not throw shade?
  5. Man, A20 cant come soon enough so I can stop checking in on this trainwreck of a thread
  6. Sorry to hear that. It's great you love the game but take care of yourself. The level headed amongst us don't mind when it comes out
  7. I'm glad they've said it's not happening early anyway and also glad no one is crunching and they get to celebrate thanksgiving too. I'm sure there'll be some pitchfork BS but to be honest, if you really want to play something riddled with bugs the GTA trilogy remaster just came out. Should be bugs enough for everyone in there
  8. I mentioned it earlier in the thread but just to repeat it here, if we go by how A19 streamer weekend was announced, even if it was this weekend (which I'm doubtful of) it probably wont get announced to us regular plebs until Thursday But I'd really rein in expectations that it'll hit this weekend, I know that's what Rick was hoping for but to avoid disappointment I wouldn't get your hopes up
  9. From the looks of the A19 thread on here it was announced literally the day before so on the Thursday of that week. I assume the streamers knew in advance of that though
  10. You mean November 24-25. But essentially what they were talking about is they would like to have streamer weekend next weekend Nov 20-21 which is the last weekend before turkey day for folks in the US (with Exp release on the 22nd if they followed the usual pattern) but I don't really expect that myself, but I think it's looking better for it to come out in November Though aside from one weird issue where Lathan's FPS dropped to like 0 at one point, I thought overall the game looked in much better a state than previously
  11. That's cool. I wont pry more, I look forward to finding out more about it relatively soon
  12. I noticed a blue loot bag drop during one of the hordes that gave better loot. Is there two tiers of loot drop from zombies now or potentially more?
  13. At the end of the day, aren't we all just POI spawns?
  14. Technically for them isn't it life & death?
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