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  1. Cool, will give that a go now. Thankfully also found that comment on one of JaWoodles videos that mentions how to disable that console hijack thing (though I think you mentioned at one point you had hopefully fixed that?) EDIT: That seems to have done the job... As suspected a victim of my own muppetry... Thanks Khaine
  2. Made a fresh copy of base game (On 19.5 B55) and copied everything across as normal. Got a big chunk of errors in the console on creating a new game. Most recurring are: No loot entry defined for loot list ID 25 No loot entry defined for loot list ID 10 No loot entry defined for loot list ID 9 Loading and parsing 'loot.xml' failed Item with name 'resourceOilSchematic' not found Have I don't something wrong installing this?
  3. I'm a bit confused for the requirements for that. Does "complete all classes" mean the class quest or have every skill point spent in that class. And do you have to have the future tech tree complete or just unlocked?
  4. So is there a way to repair level 71 stuff without it degrading? (outside of just making a new item that is). I can make level 71 tools and weapons but they degrade on repair
  5. It's one of things I'm surprised never happened (maybe it's just way more work than I think) is having the same zombie model with different color clothing. I'd like to think all the zombies have unique enough silhouettes/animations that randomising their colours would hinder players in identifying the different types
  6. So found both a portal and the big camp/base in my playthrough. Haven't engaged either yet, any tips for dealing with things like the Incubus that's hanging out by the portal?
  7. Khaine will hopefully correct me if I'm wrong but from my experience Working Stiff Tool and Pass N Gass Shipping Crates have been where I've found most of mine. If I was you I'd go looking for a Working Stiff Tools
  8. Quick one for you @KhaineGB do Coil/Laser weapons and ammo eventually start dropping in loot when you get to a high enough level (outside of the Tier 5 Buried Supplies that is)?
  9. Any idea which file that configuration is in? Because my god they are loud (doesn't help I decided to live across the road from a trader) Also, just finished The Reward quest, got enough Research Notes to make the technology book was thinking to myself "I'm in the end game now" only to see the level requirements for Tech crafting haha
  10. Not sure if this is something that's only appeared in the latest version but when you switch to the M4A1 it plays the muzzle flash animation
  11. Sweet, guess I'm going on a biome hunting expedition this evening. Not seen a hint of snow on my playthrough so far
  12. So Eve is always in the snow biome? I'm playing on one of your included maps if that helps
  13. Did the Crowbar/Treasure change work properly? Tried it there and was still only doing around 100 a hit on it (so like 70 hits to open) pretty sure on safes etc it's more like 300/400 a hit Everything else seems to be running smoothly though
  14. To kind of piggy back of this question a bit:
  15. Khaine, question for you. You mentioned it briefly in one of your recent videos. How difficult is it to change the names of the zombies that appear in the health bar in DF? I've gotten used to Woodle's names for them so would love to change them if it's possible
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