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  1. Khaine, question for you. You mentioned it briefly in one of your recent videos. How difficult is it to change the names of the zombies that appear in the health bar in DF? I've gotten used to Woodle's names for them so would love to change them if it's possible
  2. Khaine, can you still not use Nitrogen for these maps? I notice it has an option to add Darkness Falls zones. Is that the bit that doesn't work?
  3. How big is the download? I keep getting Network Errors on chrome during download, last one at over 2gb downloaded. How long did I have to go?
  4. Gave this a try. While it gives a nice level of spawns for screamers (including in POIs) it has the same problem JaWoodle ran into in that those screamers don't actually spawn hordes
  5. Yo Khaine, have you uploaded your version of Jawoodle's screamer mod somewhere?
  6. I was wondering if a mod exists or if not, how easy it would be, to add working Screamers (who can summon hordes) to the general world spawns? I've been watching Jawoodle's latest series and he seems to have it somewhat working. Only mod close to it I could find was to add screamer bears
  7. Noooooo... I love that... Is it realistic? No... but is it hilarious? Absolutely
  8. Another way this can happen in Single Player is if you take multiple quests from different traders and two of them end up being in the exact same POI, once you start one, you can't start the other until you've returned to the trader and gotten the reward for the first quest. At least it was like this in A18 anyway
  9. Saw it asked already but not answered so I'll ask again. Why did the 'lock the first (select number) slots from being transferred' option not make it in with the new Inventory Transfer buttons? And will it eventually make it in?
  10. Anyone know if there'll be a muzzle flash added to the tactical assault rifle? I looked through the known issues and didn't see it mentioned there. Feels weird to fire as it stands
  11. For the love of god do something about the animal spawns in the snow biome... Started a game, on my quest to the first trader which was like 1.3km away, in the first 500m or so I came across 5/6 mountain lions and a bear. I could even see them being spawned in on my path in front of me...
  12. So with the addition/modification of the Tough Guy Glasses to give +1 Fortitude is there now no clothing item that gives +1 Perception? I assumed the idea would be one for each. Fortitude - Tough Guy Glasses Strength - Cigar Intellect - Nerd Glasses Agility - Ski Goggle Perception - ???
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