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  1. Darkness Falls > Manage Modlets > Sorcery > Update Darkness Falls > Manage Modlets > Sorcery > Uninstall / Reinstall ** I dont know about this, nr 1 dint work for me so i had to do nr 2. And i cant still make Spellcast more than tier1. /Thomas
  2. Thanks for the correction. Im using Darknes Falls and did not find the intelect, but i did search for it il wait for a patch.
  3. Awsome mod. Have some problems every thing i craft is tier 1. Did some armor tier 1, and several fire spell cast tier 1 How do i make tier 2 or 3? /thomas
  4. Yes please, and Smx2 and have them in 7dtd Mod Launcher ) that wood bee the best /Thomas
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