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  1. I just think there may be too many perks - deep under certain trees that could be solved differently with maybe incorporating some of them under basic skill sets. Currently basic skills only gives you + damage and chance to dismember with weapons of that tree. Basic skills currently serves only as a replacement of level gating - if they would offer more, maybe players wouldn't be so negative about spending points on different trees ( the hot topic at this time is Miner69 - maybe if basic STR offered some more than just bonuses for STR weapons - something that comes in handy with other trees as well than players wouldn't be so opposed to invest in it ). And please take this just as a brainstorming exercise and not as something definitive. Just throwing out some ideas around and maybe something will come out of it with all the different inputs. Maybe the better question would be for players currently being angry that Mining is under STR - under what conditions would you invest in strength basic skills other than mining skills? Same question for other trees: What would make you decide to invest in other trees? For me it would be some kind of intertwined effects/benefits that I could apply/benefit from with my current build, under different attribute. ( nothing big maybe lets say just +1% crit chance or better chance to trigger a "mass effect" on a weapon - maybe chain stun effect with batons on group of zombies, same as sledge group knock down, etc... )
  2. Well I just made an examples which can be tuned down after testing. I liked the leveling systems where game let me switch between skill trees or attributes for certain small benefits - without committing to it fully. maybe I just want little more accuracy for my lets say shot gun, so I would like to train some more "aiming" under PER - but not at such high jumps of 10% as you said. I would just like to see when I spread my points around in different trees I get some sort of benefit, but at the same time not at OP level, but just enough that spending point in a different tree makes some difference.
  3. Strength - carry cap and damage Agility - dodge and speed Fortitude - extra health and effects resistances Perception - accuracy and "hidden loot" - as in you find few extra treats Intelligence - faster crafting + extra crafting results ( being smart you know how to be more efficient using resources - like when crafting you have a chance to get some extra quantity or quality )
  4. I agree with that, I would like to see a system where I would invest in other tree ( basic PER,AGI, FOR... ) just for the sake of basic bonuses I get from that. So as you said maybe I want extra HP, or I would like to get extra AGI for faster speed or stamina. I believe the solution would be that you loose some of the perks giving you these benefits, and just add them the under basic attributes skills. Therefore for example since I already invested so many points into AGI ( extra speed or dodge ) I will also invest in few of the points into lets say parkour or sneaking.
  5. If game "pushes" you towards investing in other trees let me benefit from that skill. If I invest in strength I am stronger therefore is only logical I will hit you harder with whatever weapon I hold in my hands. And also I would like to see TFP breaks the monotonous +5, +10+15+... system. You have different kind of weapons, therefore different properties of each weapons - so how about adding special bonuses/effects to them like you have with sledge hammers. Spears were the backbone of every army in medieval times - but in this game it only gets 5,10,15%... Spears are so weak, they should do like piercing armor damage, poking heads and bodies of more than 1 zombie if they are aligned, Stun batons could have "chain lightning effect" at higher stages or better versions of them. Blade weapons could have special effects as well. Current strength tree is cookie cutter build of certain devs "cough cough", rest of the trees are neglected compared to it. Don't get me wrong I played with all of them, but most of the other attributes are very weak or hardly obtainable at the beginning ( currently playing Intellect build, day 7, lvl 13 and still haven't found a stun baton, I know the recipe to make it - lacking STUN BATON PARTS, not to mention sledge or junk turret, have over 10 k dukes, 3 traders found but I am still using stone sledge hammer and bow - traders aren't selling any parts or batons, better barter at 3 as well ). That said I WANT to play intellect guy, but my options are very limited. When playing STR I feel OP already at this time Yes it is experimental and this issues can be easily fixed with couple of tweaks in xml and in A20 there will be stone age baton version. But attributes trees currently would be balanced only if you just erase STR altogether. Make those attribute skills intertwine with other trees, so it doesn't feel like points spent are wasted since you don't use weapons in that certain tree. The current dull, linear, crude boring system is the weakest link at current stage of the game. I know devs said they thought it through, but system is still very lacking. Implement it and replayability will rise ten fold. Don't take it the wrong way, game overall is great, but in my opinion current system is holding this game back from being one of a true greats of all times.
  6. Thze problem with current system is you have skills under trees that makes no sense. Players are complaining because if you like to mine you have to go STR , and always play that way. What does cooking have to do with STR - you stir the stew quicker? Just make a "general" tree where you have the basic skills everyone is using - like cooking, Living of the land, mining, hunter perks, leaky guts... it would make much more sense and players would have many more options to play around with combat/supplement skills. Personally I always end up with STR since I like to build and therefore I need mining - so since I go deep in STR I never feel the need to use any other tree - other than just to "make me play a different way". STR is totally OP with Sledge and shotgun perks, mining, Trex... no other tree comes close to STR. Just separate weapons perks from General skills. Make the leveling system less dull - you made a great game, just fix the whole leveling system, which is usually one of biggest parts of good games.
  7. So loot is getting reduced - which is great, I checked Jonah and Games4Kickz and there was soooooo much ammmoooo and best mods and recipes - felt cheesy... I really hope the public version will get tuned down. Food should be either more expensive at vending machines, or there should one time lootables vending machines - no1 is restocking them in apocalypse - except those at traders. I hope they can fix traders - JonahBirch got Baseball bat lvl5, and AK47 lvl5 from trader early game. And trader rewards were really generous ( 200 ammo, great recipes ...). One way to fix traders would be you unlock secret stash Tier 1 - 6 by unlocking quest tiers. That way I the game can control what kind of loot will you buy at traders through the game progression. Other "general" tabs should only be selling general items, like building mats, clothes, food etc... Perk should only increase the barter %.
  8. I started out as a "Miner" where I read crucible schematic but now after couple of days I cant craft the crucible - It says I need a perk. On the other hand I bought a lockpick perk, but I also can't craft them since it says I require a book from Heist series. So is this double lock intended or is just a minor bug? EDIT: I just noticed all of these can be crafted normally in the vanilla workbench, I tried to craft these in HD workbench - where is doesn't work.
  9. Haven't noticed the points refund. Nice job
  10. Yesterday I found a "minor bug" with forged steel. I spent a point in Steel tools early on in the game to unlock the forged steel in forges ( reading the steel tools schematic doesn't unlock it ). So i was playing normaly and than the other day I had bunch of notes and made me builder class and finished the quest line. During this quest line you get 3 points in forge tree. But to my surprise it "locked" my previously steel tools perk and I was unable to make steel in forges. So I spent additional 2 skill points to level it to 5/5 in Forge tree to unlock the steel again. Check what went wrong with this - probably some priorities the game uses.
  11. I have a question regarding Farm plot - just unlocked farmer class - and i presumed farm plots won't need a water. But it looks like they do - so what is the point of farm plot being locked behind farmer class if they still need rain catcher in the middle like old school tiled dirt?
  12. Is gyrocopter disabled as it was in A17? because I see the recipes saying you need grease monkey and bicycle for dumb♥♥♥♥s... I have them all, but still can't craft the thing? P.S.: which perks gives you +dmg for grenades? is it under Scientist class? And what skill gives you that 20% chance to break ores instantly - I know I had it in previous playthrough? is it 100 mining skill? I do miss those book collections - they add lots of randomness to the game
  13. 1. Its called Tool & Die set - you can buy it from traders ( keep an eye out for wandering traders on the map - they are usually stocked with these - leveled Better Barter helps ) - it is used for making ammo 2. All mastery skills are locked behind lvl 50 and completed chain quest
  14. Khaine, Steel in Advanced forge is locked behind Steel tools perk - reading schematics doesn't unlock it, you have to buy the perk to unlock it - and that unlocks forged steel recipe in adv. forge. Also there are few bugs with world gen ( comparing to DF in A17 ) 1. So far only ore I find in the ground is Iron and Shale in the desert - but other ores are really rare ( I only found few small pockets of nitrate under the boulders - like 3000 and NO COAL ) Its not game breaking since you can buy these from traders, but I don't think its intended. 2. Whole ore system is sort of messed up - you only get surface pockets ( 90% of that is iron ), but underneath there are hardly any ores - used admin tools to dig 1 km long tunnel near bedrock and only found 2 pockets of iron down there. And as said earlier hardly any other ores, no titanium as well. 3. World gen, doesn't create any burned forests, or snow biomes ( tried few new worlds after upgrading to exp 2.4 ) but same result. I assume military bases POI's aren't implemented yet? ( in burned forest and wasteland? And these observations are results of gameplay currently sitting at day 42, lvl 102. So at these stages you start to need some gunpowder to get by on horde nights I don't know how far are you with implementing everything, but just added these here just in case.
  15. It is in there but look: and the other recipe is locked:
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