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  1. Or I'm just dumb enough to expect that a game I buy will work on the computer I buy it on...
  2. Looks really good for sure. Plays extremely bad, So all things considered, it sucks.
  3. I unfortrunately dowloaded B173. Bad choice. First experimental I tried... Apart from me hating the current game I'm happy to say It's unplayable on my potato. Played since A15 or so with no problems, now I'm happy to say that it is unplayable and I can now put this game behind me for ever and move on,
  4. 15K hours, 3 posts...... Anyways, I might be the one you refer to not liking it. Might come as a surprise to you that release notes and A19 dev thread gives you more than a good idea of whats coming. On top of that I can add changes made to A17 and A18, all wich have made me dislike the game more and more. In any case I'm very surprised that someone with 15K hours in the game loves it so much today... If you love this looter/shooter RPG so much it has have to been a real chore to add up that many hours in earlier Alfas. Personally I'd say this game sucks today. Looks very pretty for sure but thats all good I can say about it. I'm only here cause I have a daft hope of this developmnet being a joke and I have the odd go at Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst (thanks Khaine and Jax) even if changes to vanilla also makes these games to easy.. But I realise more and more every day that TFP has abandonded their original idea of a good game for something better. A cash cow. Sad for sure This could have been great.
  5. Wont go indepth here mainly cause I dont want to discuss this endlessly. Havent been playing vanilla for quite some time, From what I've seen so far there is nothing at all to pull me back. Quite the opposite. So to answer herem the game sucks really hard This is not a game I would buy todaym no way in hell. Then again TFP doesnt give a @%$*#! bout me, I've already paid. Time to fool a new lot and then change again. Money talks....
  6. If you are refering to PC specs... If you can run Vanilla you can run this.
  7. Thanks! Now I just have to figure out if I need the dukes or the parts
  8. What is a "Portable Lath" good for? The sale price says it's pretty rare... And Khaine, without your DF and Jax's Ravenhearst, this game would be dead. Great job and extremely well done!
  9. Shin

    0XP RolMod A18

    And still you bite my ass of for saying it might be...... Good job and good bye. That is to you and not to the forum as you wrongly states I have said.. Still love your mod though if you ever get around to touch up the last pieces.
  10. Shin

    0XP RolMod A18

    Then try it! And give us your opinion.
  11. Shin

    0XP RolMod A18

    I had this same problem when starting my first game with this mod. As far as I can remember I had to start with a clean download in dedicated folder. I'm not to technical so I'm not the right person to explain. I'm surprised the author of the mod hasn't replied yet. But then again I think this mod is abandoned and not supported anymore.
  12. So very true I'm now gonna read on and find Rolands and others denial of the truth in all you said.
  13. Unfortunately we cant expect any reasonable response whatsoever from the pimps. They have their reasons. And surely not from Gazz in any case. Looks like he thinks he is way above anyone here and always answer in a diminishing way. Or he is just really bad on communicating.
  14. Even if I disagree with you at most times and matters I must say this, You do have an impressive way of remembering/looking up what people have said/done on this forum. Even with my meager postcount and random apperances you remember. Hats off for that and to be clear for others you are absolutely right in your answer.
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