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  1. I've been playing for 8hr where the H E double hockey sticks is the special infected? I want to see at least one in every quest.
  2. Is there any plans to add more perks in the future?
  3. I want to see utility weapons in 7 days to die. Weapons that are more for a tactical approach. I've been watching videos about Immersive Sims like Deus Ex and I think that type of gameplay can be brought to 7dtd. Here are some ideas that I had rattling in my head. Caltrops temporary spike traps that you throw down. hurts and slows enemies Grappling Hook Riot Pepper Spay Smoke/ Poison Bomb Slingshot Sticky Mine Grenade Launcher like in TF2 Stake Electric Tether making a line of electricity across the 2 stakes that you shoot out. some you can use in horde scenarios too.
  4. Will there be new interior wall textures for houses?
  5. I'm vibrating in my chair waiting for a dev stream.
  6. Is the fun pimps looking into hiring the Modder Subquake? He has down a amazing job on the UI with is mod Undead Legacy. I would really like the improvements in his mod to come over to the original game. If not hire buy the assets that he's created for the UI changes.
  7. Is the bone work of the first person hands/arms really hard to change. I would think it would have been changed already in this late in development if it didn't have some sort of trouble fitting it in. Animation of sprinting and recoil seems to be missing and we just get that generic movement bob with arms that seem hovery with jello like movement.
  8. Most of the time spent in the game is at end gaming. I would have liked if there was one pipe gun that shot all the bullets that you picked up just so you could have a gun when you start out. Since it's a little late for that can we have junk ammo like what's used in the turrets for our pipe weapons? are the pipe weapons going to be crafted?
  9. I would suggest making them stand out more. Like if they have mutations and more torn up clothes.
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