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  1. Most of the time spent in the game is at end gaming. I would have liked if there was one pipe gun that shot all the bullets that you picked up just so you could have a gun when you start out. Since it's a little late for that can we have junk ammo like what's used in the turrets for our pipe weapons? are the pipe weapons going to be crafted?
  2. I would suggest making them stand out more. Like if they have mutations and more torn up clothes.
  3. please tell me you guys are going to have bandits in alpha 20?
  4. Instead of having separate clothing pieces we should find whole out fits that would specialize in a skill. The armor can still be pieces.
  5. I like the idea that special zombies would be smarter. We all have blown up countless of not so threatening zombies that can be avoided. I'm ready for a real challenge with range enemies and unconventional zombie types. There is potential to be fleshed out by adding different types of enemies. I actually don't come to this game for the zombies but I do for the open world sandbox nature of 7dtd. The thing that's lacking is the combat engagement that I have with the zombies. I really don't have to do much when I come into a house with shotgun killing grunt zombies. The bandit update is what I'm
  6. I guess just have a option where you can turn off and on quest boards if you want to get you steps in.
  7. Skyrim has fast travels because the game isn’t optimized to play it without. Also you mean you find another quest and get side tracked. If you want to stay in a town and do quests you should be able to do that. It has it’s own immersive qualities. When your in a town with out a quest giver there is zero to do ( as far as poi’s go) in that town late game because you’ve looted every building. You need the quest system to be convenient in one place when that happens. Maybe having quest givers randomly spawn at a poi to side track the player would be better.
  8. that's why i didn't all cap and put exclamation marks just wanted to highlight my main point.
  9. Saying that is like say Skyrim plays just fine without quests. Wtf kind of response is that. Just put a quest board in every town and city. Not asking much. Should have had it in the game already. Traders will still be useful for trading and story quests. Very passionate about this one. fixed the overly large text.
  10. The real apocalypes is probably not going to be a game that's supposed to be fun. You think going to a quest giver 1.5km away going to a quest 1.9km away and going back to that quest giver that's 1.9km away and probably going back home 1.5km away is fun? if so I don't think that you have the repeatability to be in the gaming industry. (Kinda harsh but you came at me with disingenuous bs.) That's without factoring in a broken leg, stamina bar, weight encumbrance. It's all factors in to a players brain that this isn't a game worth playing. Imagine being this smug to look past how garb
  11. Probably a buried treasure quest. Mine was 1.9km away so that's almost 4km in total since you make us back track. The closest trader was in another town that was 1.5km away. I'm a guy who want to do quest and have fun with the objectives but taking these cross country hikes are tremendous and take a whole day. Like I said I was so excited when you guys added in fetch quests and clear quest along with the dungeon pois but they take so much time to get to the quest than the quest itself. So much lost potential for such a easy solution to have more quest givers. Also quest are a good way to keep
  12. i know people who don't even go to the trader because it's to far
  13. I've had it with this broken questing system. I really want to enjoy just hopping from poi doing objectives and have a good time. The quest have me going so far and give so littler rewards I just can't do it. I invited my friend over to play 7 days to die and I wanted to do a quest. Bad first impression because by the time we picked up the quest and ran to it, it was not time. Dude was like fun game I'm going to leave now. Hearing you guys talk about new player experience and not talk about how much time it takes to do one quest. Just add at least one quest giver or quest board in every city.
  14. I think the fps animation is due for a revamp. I'm talking about the the sprint mostly. Also speeding up and not having as much weapon inertia so it doesn't have that floaty delay thing going on would be nice. I feel like the developers are working around those problems because they can't work on it as easily as they can weapon reload animations. Please can you guys work on sprinting and good weapon movements. Sprinting: tucking the weapon near the rest Weapon movement: get rid of the floaty hands by making it quicker and less inertia. Make the guns slightly lean into
  15. Mostly directed to the people who want more survival. also anti-quest survival types. I thinks 7 days to die is growing out of being a survival game and instead focusing on juggling a lot of good elements. I was never sold on it being a game that mad you manage health meters every 20min. Leave that to the games that don't have much activities to do. I want to quest, loot, build, craft and survive (a horde of zombies). To enjoy this I think food and water needs to be less of a nuisance but still prevalent in the game. This game is unique because it makes you protect the things you
  16. Oh, so I see we're talking about adding a fourth tier. Might I suggest adding a vibrating turret?
  17. hello reality check. The zombies that we have in 7dtd are very complex individual entities that can navigate through a changing voxel world. Your CPU will explode like a nuclear bomb if they had that many zombies in the game with all the A.I code flying around. Point is voxel games is more of a blessing than a curse but it's still going to give you serous limitations.
  18. can the couches be a new vehicle in alpha 19?
  19. https://twitter.com/7DaystoDie/statu...708825088?s=20 touch down! The colors look vibrant now.
  20. More quest givers would be nice to have in the cities. Just a guy standing in front of a poi. Quick and convenient quest to run through while exploring the city. Sometime when you don't have a bicycle you can only do one quest on that day.
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