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  1. I do not understand why the demolisher or the burnt zombie exist as is. Like they have a theme going here , human zombies just wearing what they wore when they became zombies augmented by radiation fueled mutations. that easily explains zombie soldiers wearing full kit , bikers and contruction workers wearing their helmets it explains the feral zombies and the actual feral whites. it explains the cops being barf bags it even explains the obvious reskined glowy zombies But demolishers would have blown themselves up ages ago, and the burnt zombies being walking volcanoes just looks odd. It probably would not have been that much trouble to implement the same mechanic as a demolisher using bloated cysts rather than a big gamified 'dont shoot here' button and they could just tone down the fire on the burn zombie to actually make them look like .. walking burnt corpses. I feel like that would be creepier too. But otherwise i like the idea of wierd special zombies. hell i like the idea of larger zombies like the really big one they cut from development
  2. personally I would like a separation between combat and utility perks . having certain weapons tied to certain stat types needlessly restricts build diversity. every mining build is rocking a shot gun and a hammer every int build is rocking a robot and a baton etc.. that can get old fast. At the very least it would be nice if combat perks were less focused on weapon and more like effects. For example some one who went into strength could have a perk that makes all weapons hit harder or stun for longer. Or someone with Int could have perks that make weapon mods go farther on their weapons so a spike upgrade is some how spikier for a smarty And then you have weapon perks in separate trees with their own points. That would be cewl.
  3. I enjoy valheim's system WAY more than most food mechanics in other survival games. I think most people don't like it because they are not used to having to deal with a food system that actually matters. the forest, subnautica, ark , conan exiles .. rust.. 50 other games... etc. it really did not matter . just carry 50 pork chops and scarf a bunch down when ever you start taking damage over time. I can comfortably say that food could have been removed from every single one of them without really impacting much. As for the old wellness system. The problem with the old wellness system was that it factored in death. You die and suddenly you respawn less healthy. Which means it was a system that worked perfectly fine .. until you have one night where you died a few times and then if felt like a dumpster full exclusively of sewage on fire. They probably could have saved that system if they just removed the death penalty and made it more reactive to the type of food players had eaten instead.. but then that is already closer to valheim anyway.
  4. Sounds like You fellas need a kill chamber. What is a kill chamber, well in short its a hall way with a pit to trap zombies that is made out of layers of the most durable material you have. So in the case of my base with two friends it is made out of steel reinforce concrete. We have a rather simple not really exploity base. Which is essentially a 19x19 cylinder with this 7x7 kill chamber attached to a side (acting as an entrance). The cylinder itself is a single 1 layer thick of concrete with a inner ring of cobble for aesthetics. It has never been substantially damaged. The zombies just love to funnel into the chamber. The big idea is that you have 1 person in the kill chamber (usually hiding behind iron bars on either side of the door into your base) to mulch lesser infected as they run into the hall way. everyone else should be on the roof of the house killing as many special infected at distance as possible. One of my friends actually started triggering demolishers as early as possible to cause detonations away from the house the lawn looks like a lunar hellscape but the house is looking fine. But there is a good chance that some demolishers will make it into the kill chamber. Try not to shoot them in the chest if that happens. however it is not the end of the world. If you make the chamber durable enough it can survive several demolishes explosions. Another suggestion is that your friends start to min max. You are going to want someone who is maxing out int especially simply because getting vendor secret stashes unlocked can get you early access to crucibles.
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