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  1. so i figured out the real issue. even if i open up a .xml file. whenever i hit save, notepadd++ converts it to a .txt if i try to resave as extensivemarkup (.xml, etc) it ells me it cant as the file is already open. If create new file and try to save it, same issue.if i delete the hardcopy and try to save either of the two previous ways, it ways it is still open. ifi create brand new file and select save as extensive markup (as pure .xml is nto available) it still sets it as .txt. I have tried to update notepadd++, wipe cookies and cache, reboot my computer, start with bran new files,
  2. no, because i wiped my 7d2d files in hopes it was a caching error. But I am going to try it again today and can try to zip you one.
  3. i wish i was right. I reviewed the fl and all are saved as .xml. and still not working. I can see where boot says it is reading them. but when you log into the game it still gives the vanilla starting loot. I have even tried deleting the blocks and loot files and replacing the item with a vanilla one, and it still ignores the swapped loot. I am having the same problem with several other peoples mods, where the vanilla files are simply not being overwritten at bootup, even though the boot files says that it read the modlet.
  4. i think i figured out my mistake. I saved the files as file all and not .xml. I'll test this theory out in the morning.
  5. so am i doing setpath wrong? is that why the game is pretty much ignoring the change in entity starting loot? i seem to remember having this issue last year and having to use something else. I really wish i had my old file to reference.
  6. the same as everybody else. The mod is suppose to change starting look. Even removing all other files and just leaving the mod info, an the folder with the entities file. and then placing a vanilla item into the code, it still doesnt change out the starting loot. its just a starting loot change mod. I would reference somebody elses, but i couldnt find any in the forums that were current with xpath. folder structure = mods>modlet folder>mod info + mod folder>files
  7. somebody please refresh my memory because its been so long sine I've written xpath, am I missing something here?
  8. Sasoriza is my husband, I asked him for help on this project. thank you for your assistance. no rush, server wont go live until april and other admins wont need to access this until then.
  9. Hi Smegzor, I understand I need to install a virtual machine on my windows pc to run linux to run the manager. My confusion is on the rented server side of things. My server manager has several options and I am not sure which I need, or if this is something I need to drop into the server and not use the hosts installer for. Unfortunately I cannot post pictures in the forums, i still dont know why. also, we have two rented servers, do I need two virtual machines and two copies of botman running, or can I manage both servers within one manager? my choices are: [TABLE] [TR] [TD] [/
  10. Is the an alpha 18 version of the poi builder yet? or are we still waiting on that?
  11. I'm trying to import buildings i had in 17.2 into a recently wiped server with 17.3. I keep getting an error that the poi is not found. I've tried importing pois that are vanilla and still get that error. is the import/export broken? is there an alternative?
  12. car colors so there seems to be a change in the way cars are tinted. the game seems to be choosing from a base of 4 colors (white, black, blue, grey, red) and white is the base color. even manually swapping out the entire set of tints for the cars to a new set, the cars still spawn in those base colors and respawn only in white. This is kind of disappointing. thank you to Mat1k for his advice and help. also, check out his mod, it now spawns cars and buses separately, so no more buses cutting through walls.
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