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    I run the Dark Wardens - 7 Days to die server. I'm building an all-inclusive game mod.
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  1. I'll be developing one soon after finishing up this starter loot modlet.
  2. oh wow, arnt you awesome! thank you for linkies
  3. I've literally never changed out quests or notes and I spent frustrating day searching the files to find where the bits of code were. Never found them. But you helped in a huge way. i want to change the starting note to reflect that the person was actually getting starting loot pulled off the dead guys in the back, behind Jakes back, but they needed to get their buts as far away from crazy Jake, because the person needed to report them as dead. Currently I'm trying to figure out why my starter kit refuses to work, when I've made at least a dozen of these in past alphas. Before I add in the starting note change. I'm a sucker for tutorials. thanks again
  4. omg from 450 to 373... whaaaaaa
  5. 23k sounds closer to right.
  6. yup, actually was updating my starting loot modlet an thought how nice it would be to upgrade the modlet by hanging the starting note too. I've done pretty much every other kind of modlet, except SDX and editing and notes. Never felt it was necessary till now. thank you so much for this quick tutorial. its going to come in super handy.
  7. actually thats not even close to how many he had. LOL. they made a special category for him .
  8. yea, I've been on hiatus almost a year. threads i was intending to update over the next month are gone. even so, a few posts i've made in the last 30 days are gone too.
  9. ok I've got this working and will publish it when its all done. I still Have one issue. the containers do not act like loot containers. I get this in startup and can see all the other containers supposed to be in this. But i cant open what it breaks down into. there are no errors on start up. there are no errors in the logs, except the usual shader issue. I spawn in with the duffle bag. it has no name when i place it. I can bust it in two punches. it spawns another duffel bag. also has no name above it like other loot containers do. there is no action <E>, but i can bust it. does anybody have a working a18 starter loot mod i can reference the blocks code to. Edited to say: Now they break down and spawn a loot container. but still are not giving out loot. Any ideas?
  10. ah, i searched and searched. I see now i used the wrong phrases. thanks.
  11. my only problem is a lot of my posts were reference material for modding and now its gone. making rebuilding these mods from scratch even harder because both my original files are gone and the forum posts where i got help on them over the years. but yea, hackers was my worry.
  12. edited to say, last week i had 7k+ posts, now i have 450.. its a crying shame
  13. this explains a lot, like why some of my posts that i normally reference are completely gone. why certain things no longer can be found by searching. i mean i cant be the only one looking to mod these random things, right?
  14. How do you edit the starting note from Jake? also, how might you create other notes? Thanks
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