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  1. Try disabling that feature then enabling it again. That has worked for others.
  2. Alloc recently released an update so I have released an updated botman mods zip. The new Alloc's mod is the only change today. https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip There are several changes to his webmap which is now version 38. If your Mod Allocs MapRendering and Webinterface is already version 38 you do not need this update. You should also be able to grab it via your game host and won't need to download the zip unless that is how you update normally.
  3. Thanks! The bot supports timed public announcements. Currently these are set in the general section in the panel or via The Lounge (IRC) as in game the bot will strip colour codes. Also note that to use the panel as server owner you should be logging in with the other login button that has the text 'Login Admin Dashboard'. Let me know if you do not have or know your admin login. Ideally message me via Discord as I am far more likely to notice a message there than anywhere else since I monitor Discord many times daily. I am smegzor#9806 It sounds like you actually want the console command gt which stands for game time. This is the output I get from it on my server.. Day 3, 10:08
  4. I have released Botman mod 2.3.14 which fixes the issue where ghost claims are left on Alloc's live map after the mod removes a placed claim. The updated zip is here.. https://www.botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip and will already be available in the mod installer pages of game hosts that have it (Pingperfect, Hosthavoc, Logic Servers, and Serverblend, maybe others too).
  5. Alloc has released an update to his mod for compatibility with A19.5 so I have released an update to my Botman mod since it includes Alloc's mod. The updated zip is here https://www.botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip
  6. I have released an updated Botman mod (2.3.13) which has been built against A19.5 If you are still running 19.4 you should instead use https://www.botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A194.zip or do nothing if you already have it. The updated version for 19.5 is on the same url and zip I have used throughout A19 which is https://www.botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip Also it is using the latest release of 0harmony.dll which is version 2.0.4 released on Oct 31, 2020
  7. I have released Botman mod 2.3.12 which fixes bm-lcbprefabrule so it accepts the distance option now. I also built it using current versions of game dlls instead of the older A19 versions. I don't know if using the newer dlls will make a difference but it won't do any harm either. https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip
  8. I have released Botman mod 2.3.11 which fixes the console command bm-rules color. https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip
  9. I have released Botman Mod 2.3.10 If you already have the testing version, you do not need to replace it with this version. https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip It fixes (so far anyway) ongoing issues with resets not happening. Also there is a new item, the botmanVoteCrate which is an item that is spawned directly into player inventory instead of hopefully spawning beside the player. It contains the normal air drop crate with random loots inside. Big thanks to Pipedream for creating the botmanVoteCrate! To tell your bot to use this item as your server's vote reward use the command /set server vote reward item botmanVoteCrate
  10. A very minor bot update has been released. It mainly fixes 2 issues, the /give {player] item command messed up if you used the steam id or game id, and the command /set server vote reward item command rejected all items as invalid. More updates will follow soon. This update is mainly about getting updates moving out again. An experimental update to the Botman mod is also available for testing (link in the Botmanhosting Discord group). I am not releasing it generally yet as it may need more work. It is an attempt to fix the issue of resets not happening. It also adds a special new item, the botmanVoteCrate which is an item not an entity so that the server vote reward can be given directly to players instead of getting blown up by turrets or otherwise lost in the ground or wherever they vanish off to.
  11. New bot update released! Note: This is NOT a Botman mod update and most/all bots should automatically get it. You can force it to with /update code Here is the changelog.. New variation added to /trader protect. Here's the updated command help. /trader protect/unprotect/remove {named area} /trader add/trader del {named area} /trader protect/unprotect north/south/east/west/ne/nw/se/sw length/long {number} width/wide {number} After marking out a named area with the /mark command, you can add or remove trader protection on it. When used with a compass direction you do not need to mark out the area first. Your current position is used instead. Also when a compass direction is used, do not give the area a name as it is not recorded. You can repeat the command by simply typing / The new part is the ability to specify a compass direction and width and length. If you only supply width or length the missing value gets the value you did provide eg. width. The old version of this command is still there and unchanged. The new variant works differently, not using markings or a name. A very simple way to use the new variant would be /trader add width 20 That will trader protect an area with you at its center and 20 blocks in all directions (but a square not a circle) So you'd get a 40 x 40 trader protected area with that. If you want to do that on a rectangular area add length (or long). The command accepts various ways of saying the same stuff and even accepts a typo, dell = del. It won't try to sell you a computer I promise. Other ways you can use the command.. /trader add nw wide 20 long 50 (note that width is ALWAYS east - west and length is ALWAYS north - south) if you want to unprotect an area and don't care to be precise about it, stand more or less in the middle of the protected area and type /trader del width 100. That will unprotect 100 blocks in all directions for a total of 200 x 200 You can also protect an area north, south, east or west of your current position. If you do for example, /trader add north wide 20 long 20 it will actually protect an area 20 to the west and 20 to the east and 20 north of you giving you an area 40 x 20. If you want it to be square set the width to 10 to get 20 x 20. It is the same for the other compass directions but not nw, ne, sw, se which won't double any number on you. The reason why I double one side is because I put you in the middle of that side and decided against doing division. Instead I am giving you some math homework Also once you have used this command, if you need to apply the same command to another area (eg you are wanting to protect a HUGE area) simply move to another spot and type / (or whatever your bot is using for commands) Unlike the dig and fill commands you can't currently turn this command around by typing for example / south If you didn't know the dig and fill commands could do that, now you know ^^
  12. Someone recently ordered a bot from me but the email is not valid so I am unable to reach them directly. In the interests of keeping things anonymous if you ordered a bot and do not have it yet, please contact me directly at smegzor@gmail.com or via Discord where I am smegzor#9806 Your server appears to be offline as well which prevents me from completing your bot. If I am unable to complete your order after 1 week I will refund it and cancel your order. To everyone else, if you order a bot from me please make sure the email address is correct and where possible provide 1 alternative contact (Steam or Discord). I don't mind fake details in other parts of the order but if you cannot be contacted or invoiced and subsequently don't pay future invoices I will cancel your bot after multiple attempts to contact you any way I can. Fake info can also make it impossible to contact you in the event that your server needs something (mods, telnet enabled etc).
  13. um.. what does payment have to do with help? I never use that as a barrier to assistance. To answer the other question, the bot requires a linux desktop to run due to the engine it runs on top of being a GUI application. While that app also runs on Windows and OSX, the bot uses a number of utilities on Linux that don't really have Windows equivalents and I wouldn't know about OSX. The easiest way to get the bot is to rent it from me. While yes that has a small cost, it saves you the considerable fuss and bother of setting up the environment that the bot requires plus you have me maintaining the bot, an active community on Discord + myself to turn to for help and advice. At some stage I would like to try making a Docker container for people who want to self host the bot as it would have an almost ready to run bot (just needing configuration setup for your server).
  14. I have released an important bugfix update to the bot. Here is the changelog.. Fixed bug in reset bot that prevented it resetting player records. Fixed double up of in game chat echoed to the lounge when chat from a non-player is seen that isn't from the bot. It was mainly the failure of /reset bot resetting players that I HAD to fix NAOW. It broke because I added a call to bm-resetregions clear and for whatever reason that call prevented the rest of the reset code executing. I fixed it by moving that call to the end. The other fix is really just a cosmetic fix for the lounge.
  15. The bot host that was knocked offline by a faulty switch is back and all bots should be running again. Sorry for the long wait as the replacement had to be flown in from another city overnight. A backup switch is being wired in so that there is redundancy there should this happen again.
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