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  1. I have released the update to the a18 and a19 code branches (yeah people still play a18). I will update the github repo later today and post a changelog. Here's a quick summary of what's in the update.. - Potential fix for the web token loop that sometimes happens. If it still loops it now just reads the token list instead of endlessly trying to set a new token. - Fixed a bug in /gamble but I probably only recently broke it as it was working for everyone before. - All of the bot's memory tables that used to live in the main database engine now live in an SQLite database that is individual to each bot (not shared). More tables are moving to SQLite but I need to add some more code before I'm ready to release those. They have been converted in my dev bot and are working. - There was an issue in the slots system that would sometimes cause the bot to kick players saying that the server was full when it wasn't. it was a tempory issue that self corrected but would last several minutes. The bot should have a more accurate record now of the current state of the slots so that shouldn't happen or if it does, maybe for 1-2 players and not most of them. - There are a couple of other fixes that I added last week. I've forgotten the details already so those will have to wait for the changelog. - Oh yeah, if the bot falls off the irc channels it can now detect that and will rejoin after about a minute. Also there were some hosted bots that were running the current release of the Mudlet engine but there is an unreleased bug fix in their testing branch atm which fixes an issue where the bot will randomly stop responding to all irc chatter. I have finished replacing all hosted bot's Mudlets with the testing version which works perfectly fine and doesn't have that issue. When they release it to stable I will replace Mudlet again. Bots will automatically update but you can force it to happen sooner with /update code (or via the panel) or via irc with update code. Its possible that for a minute immediately after the update some bot commands might not work while the bot transitions to using SQLite but that if it happens at all will self-correct no later than 3 minutes after the update is applied.
  2. The botman mod has been updated again. Same mod version. The harmony.dll has been replaced. It fixes some issues that were noticed.
  3. An updated Botman mod has been released. Version 2.3.0 which includes the new Harmony.dll version 2. When updating you should replace your harmony.dll with the new one. the dll goes in 7daystodieserver_data/managed not in Mods. https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip
  4. Hi guys! I am working on several performance improvements around the bot's database activities which should make the bot generate a lot less frequent db traffic. I have also fixed the last remaining IRC bug (where the bot can randomly fall off the irc channels and not notice). There are some other bug fixes and some more coming and I hope to get a few long promised features finished this week. My birthday is coming up fast and I'd like to get these things sorted while I'm still young.
  5. The Botman mod has been updated to version 2.1.5 (for A19 only) Changes: Marking/filling now does it in a straight line no longer 1 block from the east this is pblock fixed! Exporting prefabs now go to LocalPrefabs was changed in a19 now exporting prefabs they go there.
  6. Hi guys! I have released an important bug fix update to all bots on a18 and a19 (should be everyone). There is also a bug fix version of Mudlet which I have installed on a few bots so far. I will leave them running overnight and if nothing bad happens (shouldn't) I will replace everyone's Mudlet. The main fix is IRC is 100% working now, not randomly going deaf to all commands send from IRC. There are some other fixes and over the next 3 days I will be working on adding 1 or more SQLite3 databases which will host all the memory tables and the tracking table (but not inventory at this stage). These changes and more that we are working on will significantly improve bot performance.
  7. Claim vote uses the API key that is provided to you if you register your server at 7daystodie-servers.com Once you have the API key, you can securely give it to the bot via the panel, or via irc. I do not recommend telling the bot in game as you are required to keep that API key secret. The bot for its part does not log the API as such. It stores it in an ini file that only the bot has access to and any attempt to ask the bot for it won't work because the api key is automatically removed from all bot responses. It literally can't tell you what your key is. I don't encrypt it and probably won't since my code is open source so any encryption code I add is public. Here is the in game command (which you can do via IRC by sticking cmd infront eg. cmd /uptime) /set server api {api key from 7daystodie-servers.com} Your API key is not recorded in logs or the databases and no bot command reports it. It is used to determine if a player has voted for your server today. While the bot takes precautions to keep your API key a secret, you should be careful not to type it anywhere in public. The safest place to give it to the bot is in private chat on IRC or on the bot's web interface when that is available. Here is the bot's IRC command set api key {API key from 7daystodie-servers.com} Tell the bot your servers API key. DO NOT do this in a public channel! Your key is not logged or displayed anywhere. It is kept out of the database too. Once set, your players will be able to use the command /claim vote.
  8. yes its that simple. you can change its size once you have created the location, you can move locations too, you can set a bail amount and a max prison timer (if no timer, prisoners just rot there till released). If your server is mixed pvp/pve, only pvp kills in pve are sent to prison. The 2 exceptions to this are staff are never jailed and if a pvp occurs where one player is in pvp and the other player is in pve, the bot will count it as an allowed pvp to prevent pvp players camping pve players with impunity. Now for something off topic 😮 A few peeps have been very interested a game that I have played for years and have recently got back into when I need to relax. It is called The Dark Mod and is a Thief game that is very faithful to the original Thief games. It is 100% fan made, has lots of missions and you can make missions too! Before I got into multiplayer games I was a big fan of solo stealth games and still am As a bonus this game is 100% free and 100% awesome! xD https://www.thedarkmod.com/main/
  9. The Botman mod zip has been updated with Botman mod version 2.1.4 (note: A19 only) https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip If your server is hosted with Pingperfect, HostHavoc or LogicServers they should have the updated mod now. - Fixed clans invite now works 100% all functional - bm-unlockall now unlocks all crates including the text labeled ones now. - safe zones This is the bots mark/fill/dig etc command updated. - pblock this is the bots mark/fill/dig command updated hopefully fixes few peoples previous issue with starting from 1 block to the east.
  10. I have updated the bot's github repo with recent bug fixes and changes. Speaking of changes here is the changelog.. Bug fixes Releasing a prisoner now zeroes their bail Fixed an issue with the bot reporting to players crazy long wait times for cooldown timers when the real wait was less than an hour. Fixed an issue where a line 1 block wide could exist between 2 parts of the map where on one side the rules were pve and on the other they were pvp. Now North and East covers that extra block. Fixed a bug in gimme where the randomly chosen zombie's entity id was wrong. Fixed an issue where the panel would update a table and tell the bot to reload it but when the bot did that, the database was still returning the old data. Adding a 3 second delay allows the database to finish updating before the bot does the reload. Fixed an issue where the bot would detect an anticheat entry and act on it a lot which caused tons of unnecessary spam. Now it maintains a temporary table so that it only triggers if the steam id from the anticheat event hasn't been recorded yet. Changes /resettimers now resets all cooldowns for a player. Previously it just reset base and gimme cooldowns. Added shop to the options of things that can be restored from the bot's backups. Replaced the spawnableItems table with a Lua table which is much faster since it only exists in memory. It used to be a MySQL memory table but it caused significant delays of more than a minute every time the bot was asked to read the list if items known to the server. Now that task takes about 1 second. As a result and to fix shop issues, I am now validating the shop items much more regularly which should ensure that the shop never contains items that can't be spawned. When donors expire (the status not the people) the bot no longer wipes their waypoints. Instead they won't be able to create new waypoints until they have deleted enough that they have less waypoints than their new non-donor max waypoints. A19 introduced a small change to the output of admin list which meant the a18 code couldn't read it. Now both a18 and a19 code branches can handle the old format and the new format, however if the bot detects the server running A19 and the bot is on the a18 code branch it will automatically switch to the a19 code branch to ensure that it doesn't miss any future A19 only code changes. The bot reads the Botman mod's config file. Now the config file's setting will replace some settings in the bot such as the bot's name, chat hidden state, command prefix and the state of the anticheat system. Attempted bug fixes Occasionally a player can be reset by the bot as if they were new which causes a lot of gnashing of teeth and stuff. The bot now counts the number of times the steam id appears in the events table and if there are more than 3 it will not initialise the player as new. Hopefully that fixes that issue.
  11. You can use /disable p2p. That will block those but it will also block players using /visit to teleport to friends.
  12. GREAT NEWS! I'm not sure if this just changed in today's A19 update but they finally fixed that spawn animation, blur effect and noise so that that only happens when you respawn after a death (which is how it should have been done since they added that years ago). Now if you teleport none of that happens. This is the case for players and admins. This means that the bot's in-game tracking system works without those annoying effects happening. You see clearly instantly and teleport silently. HURRAH! I told them to fix that years ago.
  13. I have the next 3 days off (well ok technically 2 of them are called Saturday and Sunday) and I will be working on bot stuffs including investigating reported issues, fixing said issues and working on finishing stuffs.
  14. I have released a bugfix update to the a18 and a19 code branches which should fix a desync issue that has been reported between the panel and the bot. I confirmed that I fixed it for donor waypoints being set via the panel and I found about 4-5 other things that were potentially effected by the same issue and applied the same fix to them.
  15. Oops! Re-fixed the pvp/pve north south bug. I created a new bug while fixing it 😮
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