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  1. Might be back tomorrow might not Who knows:) 

  2. I on the other hand will add this my 2 cents. Shut down your system and open it up. Usually some screws at the back of the case. Take it out side and blow with compressed air if you can the heat sinks and fans. Get the dust and crap out of the thing. Off the heat sinks and fans. Don't go ballistic just easy and gently blow or otherwise clean all the crap out.
  3. And seems to stop the game from playing properly so WTF? Why? bullets are just that BULLETS THEY KILL.
  4. Why post then you obviously recommended it or then no need to respond.
  5. Nitrogen is good for dedicated servers if that's the map\world you want then sure you can use that but it is still always going to be Randomly Generated. Don't forget RG is calculated differently when creating a Multiplayer vs Single player World. I should probably say that it's not a single player world but a map generation. All maps generated can be used for multiplayer.
  6. All I can add is try Alpha 19.x maybe its better with your configured system.
  7. The xbox1controller should be ok but still might need configuring. Post a feed back if you can? You should never have to sign in to MS again if you already signed in.
  8. No. Do not do that on the console without first rebooting it. In fact did you know you can actually just unplug the console power supply and start from scratch. Do that instead. PS. your Microsoft account never went anywhere It's still online and will be for ever. Pm me if you need more help but?
  9. Tjb

    Native Fu

    Why Native Linux when it is native anyway? I don't understand why someone cant at the very least make a simple GUI for the config.xml files. Wake up mofos arm is coming and no room there for petty code. All Code will be Optimized. You see that full stop there right:) Mmmm.. Please help.
  10. I have an idea though it hurts me:) It all needs to be updated I think. Some sort of Developer vs moder controversy is going down I think and DF may be caught up in it. I just tried installing DF for dedi server and well it don't work. Sorry on behalf of the actual developers and Open source modders out there. I for one hope your on the money and right about the points there in your post.
  11. Hi all, Just trying to set up a DF server for me and a couple friend. Any tips or info you guys can provide will be appreciated. If not well please forgive me I'm sure its all been covered but well time:( I ain't got a lot of).
  12. hey all, Question probably answered already but can player placed class vending machines be picked up in land claim zone?
  13. There may be a bug in the tungsten armor crafting. I have crafted leg etc... before but now I can not. No option in any workbench or in the back pack crafting menu? Not sure if its me missing something or not. Also I could not upgrade tungsten frames I found in a crate. PS. I have the Kevlar in inventory as well as forged tungsten. PPS. perhaps i should have posed a question in all that:) Dwallorde are you working on the tungsten stuff ATM? I am playing off line and just updated the mod.
  14. Also i needed heaps of aloe to make aloe cream as 10 can only do 2.
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