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  1. This is a thread more for fun rather than complaining about an issue. Isn't it curious how at the beginning of the game you know how to craft primitive tools (which most people around the world aren't skilled to do) but you aren't capable to make a coffee, a tea, or to grill some meat without a skill (which imo you have to be a brainlet to not be able to cook such basic stuff)?
  2. In the end all I want to say is that it's better to not give someone something, than give it and take it back. And with alpha 19 from the looks of things trying to overhaul entity graphics, it would be a shame to not bring these features back in the game when the playable characters will receive a visual rework.
  3. And lastly, how clothing interacts with the character. In alpha 13 it was the best, in alpha 16 is not too bad, but in alpha 18 it is horrible. This picture has no context but I thought the visual bug is cool...
  4. More undressed comparisons... You can see how I have aimed in alpha 13 for a small waist, wide hips and slim legs. (That's my personal preference with women.) If I want to make a female character so hot I won't need a campfire to make charred meat, I should be able to.
  5. For the female character, I will compare alpha 13, alpha 16 and alpha 18 versions (please forgive the alpha 18 without clothes version, I forgot to take that so I took it in a corner of a house rn): Comparison to the zombies in 1st and 3rd person + outside view:
  6. There was also height customization which affected 1st person view which I think it is also a nice touch the game used to have. (Short in picture 1 and 3, tall in picture 2 and 4.) And the cherry on top before moving to the female character, the meme guy with short arms:
  7. Hello! I'd like (with many other players) more customization freedom when it comes to making our characters. Currently alpha 19 is being worked on and some entity graphics have improved. I suppose the Fun Pims are working to improve all entity graphics in the near future, including the playable characters. I have done a topic similar to this in the past but now I have some pictures I'd like to share (from alpha 13, 16 and 18). (I will split this into multiple posts because of the 50MB limit/post) In alpha 13, we had the freedom to customize particular body parts,
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