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  1. Thanks for replying! Can you provide me a download link? I'd like to play with a friend.
  2. But the biggest question I have, did you alter the ai so the zombies act like before alpha 17? I miss my big rectangular bases surrounded by iron spikes.
  3. Have you guys made progress towards more customization freedom for the characters we play? Like adjusting some body parts in particular, not a generic weight and muscle slider. Just like how we had in Alpha 13!
  4. Hey, I didn't keep up lately with the mod. Can you please post a list with all the changes vs vanilla and a download link?
  5. This is a thread more for fun rather than complaining about an issue. Isn't it curious how at the beginning of the game you know how to craft primitive tools (which most people around the world aren't skilled to do) but you aren't capable to make a coffee, a tea, or to grill some meat without a skill (which imo you have to be a brainlet to not be able to cook such basic stuff)?
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