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  1. Are maps over 8k supported in the game? when creating a 10k or 12k maps with nitrogen, im unable to use them within 7dtd: im getting cut off mountain walls like, and limited rendering. using the same parameters but with 8192 x 8192 maps, im not getting any of the above and can play normally. this is for single player, local files, no "server".
  2. v0.450: when creating a new world, the program couldn't read/find the input file: 800_ABS_River1_Biome.png , in the Resources directory (there is only 800_ABS_River1.png)
  3. I guess it's fast. 10000 x 10000 map: 3 min 39 12000 x 12000 map: 6 min 31 16k x 16k : 22 min 18 (all default settings) what are the main differences between your generator and the one within the game? Congratz, great tool!
  4. Theres a bug somewhere involving 1hp trees all over the place. Some trees that were 300hp are now 1200hp. Not sure from which files. We installed the above and the default one coming with the HDHQ pack.
  5. King of the Hill variant: - a colored pole/flag is appearing somewhere randomly on the map. Players are told via a marker on the compass where to head to. Any player touching the pole is claiming it. The winning player has to claim the pole long enough to win the round/game. He can build a base, and so on.
  6. With what tool can I edit the exported "CAB-" ?
  7. It doesn't work for me: - I'm using UABE (by derPopo) on "BlockTextureAtlasesD" part of "Data\Bundles" I am able to get a "raw" or "dump" file of the various "assets" under "Info" Then, what I am supposed to do with those raw/dump files ? Is it possible to modify them (how) and reload them into the original "BlockTextureAtlasesD"?
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