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  1. Are maps over 8k supported in the game? when creating a 10k or 12k maps with nitrogen, im unable to use them within 7dtd: im getting cut off mountain walls like, and limited rendering. using the same parameters but with 8192 x 8192 maps, im not getting any of the above and can play normally. this is for single player, local files, no "server".
  2. v0.450: when creating a new world, the program couldn't read/find the input file: 800_ABS_River1_Biome.png , in the Resources directory (there is only 800_ABS_River1.png)
  3. I guess it's fast. 10000 x 10000 map: 3 min 39 12000 x 12000 map: 6 min 31 16k x 16k : 22 min 18 (all default settings) what are the main differences between your generator and the one within the game? Congratz, great tool!
  4. Theres a bug somewhere involving 1hp trees all over the place. Some trees that were 300hp are now 1200hp. Not sure from which files. We installed the above and the default one coming with the HDHQ pack.
  5. Maybe "+1" is added to "max count", whatever the number is. Or it's simply broken and the prefab(s) will spawn without taking "max count" into account.
  6. Any NEW prefabs? (Sorry if answered elsewhere) What are your plans for A17?
  7. No, on the latest CP, I have: for line 466
  8. King of the Hill variant: - a colored pole/flag is appearing somewhere randomly on the map. Players are told via a marker on the compass where to head to. Any player touching the pole is claiming it. The winning player has to claim the pole long enough to win the round/game. He can build a base, and so on.
  9. Always has been like that. Same for the "mods" folder too. The only file pushed is the UI (windows.xml)
  10. It's too small and a bit difficult to read even if zooming in. One has to mostly "guess"
  11. @Magoli Are you going to release the next Compopack before or after A15 ? Thanks
  12. The opening post is CP21 (for 14.6)
  13. I also believe most people will go "nuts" if they were something like a zombie apocalypse. The mental well-being will be very low indeed.
  14. Question: in the prefab name, if there's a space before the ending " , like: "prefab_name " does it matter ? or it should be "prefab_name" ?
  15. The upper part above That part has destroyed wood/stone on its ends; not sure if it's normal or not, or if a zombie walked near
  16. +1 about thinking about the sewers+ being at fault, but no idea how can prove it, since were also getting 5 fps, then PC frozen.
  17. An installer with the prefab image on the right, options to decide where the prefab should spawn, min/max, ....
  18. We started a new game and encounted a hub city. It was not 100% a real city, it has kind of a mountain in the middle. Here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660255878 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660255839 The game was 100% original and not "stitched" from any previous seeds
  19. We have a theory why we are experiencing some drops when first entering the hub city: - some structural integrity is at play and "something, somewhere" is falling down Why ? 2X we entered the main city hub for the 1st time we started hearing metallic sound like if some buildings or blocks were falling down. Since we dont know how looks the prefabs "in a pristine form", we dont know if when passing by them they are OK or were subjected to something. Those first times were dropping us to 5fps, then PC frozen. After several clients reset, we could get 15FPS. Some prefabs do have fallen rocks/wood spots. We are less and less sure those are features done by people.
  20. Is it possible to replace those glass with something similar, but less straining, in the XML files ? I believe there was a similar patch months ago for some "glass-type" too
  21. The skyscraper(s) has many glass, no idea if they are the ones Curmudgeon is talking about. I was next to a skyscraper when I hit 5fps last time.
  22. No, we dont experience drops with POIs. Only when in the "big city hub". POIs outside towns, and even small towns, are OK so far.
  23. +1 here. Getting around 35-40 FPS outside big hub cities, but going down to 5 FPS within those cities. I can still lower my settings, in any case. I have the latest nvidia drivers, and I am running GTX970
  24. Not sure if this post should go here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654613557 this tower has the wrong blocks climbing up. The prefab needs to be updated
  25. I saw something, was going to take a picture, but whatever: the house (prefab) was wholly resting upon a single boulder on its center
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