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  1. Hello all, I am setting up a specialized server and want to disable the spawning of certain mob types. Is there a way we have found to do this? I thought about modifying the XMLs of the server (dedicated server) though i dont know which values to change to what and figured why reinvent the wheel, someone else surely knows. Also, i dont want to use any mods for this. So XML edits are likely going to be THE way. For reference: This map will be essentially one big city. Very little forest (if any, still working on the map) This means that things like bears will be much less common and i would like to outright disable them. But then also i wanted to remove the big bikers and the cops. Maybe the spider zombies too. I then finally would like to increase the spawns of all other zombies. Probably double the spawns or even more. (Understand this is a specialized server, its just for me and some friends where we want a specific experience.)
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