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  1. @saminal German translation for SCarRespawner Key,File,Type,english,german carsRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Car Respawner,Zufälliger Auto Respawner busRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Bus Helper,Zufälliger Bus Helferblock serviceTrucksRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Service Truck Helper,Zufälliger Lieferwagen Helferblock armyTrucksRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Army Truck Respawner,Zufälliger Armee-LKW Respawner serviceTrucksRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Service Truck Respawner,Zufälliger Lieferwagen Respawner busRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Bus Respawner,Zufälliger Bus Respawner busShortRespawner,blocks,block,Short Bus Respawner,Zufälliger Kurzbus Respawner tractorsRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Tractor Helper,Zufälliger Traktor Helferblock excavatorsRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Excavator Helper,Zufälliger Bagger Helferblock excavatorClawsRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Claw Excavator Helper,Zufälliger Klauen-Bagger Helferblock backhoesRandomHelper,blocks,block,Random Back Hoe Helper,Zufälliger Baggerlader Helferblock cars3WideRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Car Respawner,Zufälliger Auto Respawner farmTrucksRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Farm Track Respawner,Zufälliger Farm-LKW Respawner tractorsRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Tractor Respawner,Zufälliger Traktor Respawner excavatorsRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Excavator Respawner,Zufälliger Bagger Respawner excavatorClawsRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Claw Excavator Respawner,Zufälliger Klauen-Bagger Respawner backhoesRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Backhoe Respawner,Zufälliger Baggerlader Respawner policeCarRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Police Car Respawner,Zufälliger Polizeiauto Respawner FireTruckRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Fire Truck Respawner,Zufälliger Feuerwehrauto Respawner SemiTruckModularRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Semi Truck - Modular Front Respawner,Zufälliger Sattelzug Respawner SemiTruckRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Semi Truck Respawner,Zufälliger Sattelzug Respawner SUVs3WideRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random SUV Respawner,Zufälliger SUV Respawner SUVsRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random SUV Respawner,Zufälliger SUV Respawner minivans3WideRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Minivan Respawner,Zufälliger Minivan Respawner minivansRandomRespawner,blocks,block,Random Minivan Respawner,Zufälliger Minivan Respawner Also, you might want to change the phrase "Random Farm Track Respawner" to "Random Farm Truck Respawner" Thanks a ton, for this great modlet.
  2. That is in game minutes. If they respawn "every day", you're daynight length apparently is 180. On a daynight of 60 it would take two days @saminal could you tell me if FireTrucks would respawn aswell with your SCarRespawner? From what i have seen in the blockplaceholders it probably don't. If not, do you plan to add them?
  3. Alright, if i find some time the next couple of days, ill then merge the changes from @Funukemaguro and mine together and post the file here again somehow. That way, i might also add the "new" strings for the descriptions added.
  4. lol, no worries mate, you have not. I don't make you responsible for any inconvenience, especially if you do such generous work I only wanted to point out, that it might be impossible to keep track of feedback/reports if there is no tool to manage them, like a Git repo. I do have an own weblate instance for some other project, so im all in if someone wants to setup a weblate. But i guess, it would be a waste if it will be used only for this modlet. So, @Izayo how do you want us to submit possible improvements? Do you have a git? Should be no issue at all. The modlet, you talking about does clearly state it will change the vanilla weapons. This mod doesn't touch vanilla weapons
  5. Now it's getting confusing. I also posted a translation but into german. Though, without your translation. @Izayo is there a git, where people like us can participate without leaving someone behind? Would be sad if someone translated already some strings, and then they get just ignored.
  6. @Red Eagle LXIX I tried to update your modlet Eagle Eye Shades to A21 including german translation. During this process, i removed the red tint from both the goggles, though. So you may want to add it again. I have uploaded the whole package here to my personal cloud. If you like, grab it, adapt it and upload it on your own page.
  7. Since the OP seems to be occupied otherwise, ill get you the change for the first bug, you reported. And yes, i don't care that I edit the original modlet since it's clearly a bug. I intentionally left "old" code inside so people can understand why i changed it that way. Go into buffs.xml to line 1303 and simply replace the block. <!-- ##################### --> <!-- Relic: Traveler Charm --> <buff name="buffRelicEquippedTravelerCharm" hidden="true"> <stack_type value="replace"/> <duration value="0"/> <effect_group name="passives"> <!-- Faster Loot/Scavanging Time --> <passive_effect name="ScavengingTime" operation="perc_subtract" value=".2"/> </effect_group> <!-- <effect_group name="handling"> --> <effect_group name="relic_effect"> <!-- Carry Capacity based on Player Level --> <!-- <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="9"/> --> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="9"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="19"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="29"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="39"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="49"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="59"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="69"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="79"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="89"/> </passive_effect> <passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_add" value="1"> <requirement name="PlayerLevel" operation="GT" value="99"/> </passive_effect> </effect_group> </buff>
  8. In line 317 of Localization.txt the string modRingStorageT4,item_modifiers,Mod,,,"Ring of Storage" is missing. I also would suggest changing the translated text to something like "Ring of Storage T4" respectively to the tier of the item for all entries.
  9. There is assets, so obviously NOT server only @Bladestorm Games please be aware, that Linux/Unix does care about case-sensitive, unlike M$ the folder config needs to be changed to Config Size obviously does matter in some cases 😛 Also ModInfo Version says A20 which is not the case for the A21 version. This should be changed. I would also recommend to make ModInfo version2 compatible which means, that the string in Version is wrong anyways. It should be something like 1.1.1 (major.minor.build). In this case i would go with 21.0.2 or something
  10. Key,File,Type,UsedInMainMenu,NoTranslate,english,Context / Alternate Text,german,latam,french,italian,japanese,koreana,polish,brazilian,russian,turkish,schinese,tchinese,spanish IZYspecialgunpartShotgun,items,gun,,,Special Gun Parts (Shotgun),,,,,,,,,,,,,, ammoShotgunShellFlechette,items,ammo,,,Shotgun Flechette Darts (Ammo),,Schrotflinten Flechette Dartpfeile (Munition),,,,,,,,,,,, ammoShotgunShellTokenShot,items,ammo,,,Shotgun Token Coins (Ammo),,Schrotflinten Kasino Münzen (Munition),,,,,,,,,,,, ammoShotgunSuperpenetratorslug,items,ammo,,,Shotgun Super Penetrator Slug (Ammo),,Schrotflinten Super-Durchbohr-Geschoss (Munition),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT1shotgunDoublebarrellong,items,gun,,,Double-Barrel Shotgun/Long (T1),,Doppelläufige Schrotflinte/Lang (T1),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT1shotgunBoltactionShotgun,items,gun,,,Higgins Bolt-Action Shotgun (T1),,Higgins Geradzugverschluss-Schrotflinte (T1),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT1shotgunModel1887,items,gun,,,Model 1887 Shotgun (T1),,Model 1887 Schrotflinte (T1),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT2shotgunM31hunter,items,gun,,,M31 Hunter (T2),,M31 Hunter (T2),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT2shotgunM1897,items,gun,,,M1897 Trench Gun (T2),,M1897 Trench Gun (T2),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT2shotgunM870Police,items,gun,,,M870 Police Shotgun (T2),,M870 Polizei Schrotflinte (T2),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT3shotgunM4terminator,items,gun,,,M4 Terminator (T3),,M4 Terminator (T3),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT3shotgunXM12G,items,gun,,,XM-12 Automatic Shotgun (T3),,XM-12 Automatik-Schrotflinte (T3),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT3shotgunM590S,items,gun,,,M590 Special (T3),,M590 Special (T3)M590 Spezial (T3),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT4shotgunSaika12g,items,gun,,,Saika 12 Automatic Shotgun (T4),,Saika 12 Automatik-Schrotflinte (T4),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT4shotgunHEXAGun,items,gun,,,HEXAGUN (T4),,HEXAGUN (T4),,,,,,,,,,,, IZYgunT4shotgunSPAS12,items,gun,,,SPAS-12/Semi-Automatic (T4),,SPAS-12/Halbautomatik-Schrotflinte (T4),,,,,,,,,,,, Attached, please find few strings translated into german. Also i would ask if its possible to add to the respective gun descriptions their benefits like Range, Ammo capacity and Damage as well as some kind of description for the Ammo which can be translated. Thanks in advance
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