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  1. I have to say, this is the right answer. It's what I do and it's fun. I never have anything collapse on me unless it's a new design that I haven't tested.
  2. This is a problem that MANY of us have already encountered. However, that solution would require adding a lot of POIs which could take awhile. I think the easier solution is to reimagine the T5 quest so it can take place in more existing POIs. What about a T5 fetch that requires packages from multiple sources? What about a T5 clear where the POI comes under siege by a wandering horde while you're inside? Maybe a new quest type...everybody loves escort missions, right?
  3. This is a HUGE problem with TFP simply taking their cues from telemetry instead of actually listening to players. Unless their telemetry can tell them whether and exactly what people have changed, it's pretty much worthless.
  4. Exactly this. The plan sounds fine and dandy, but forcing step 1 into A19 when it alone has such a powerful negative influence on gameplay was a bonehead move that I cannot see any benefit to.
  5. I liked them at first, but I really hate them now. I would love to be able to choose my weapon independently of my skills, but I can't so...
  6. Too much of Fallout has already invaded this game. No, thank you.
  7. Well, that was a lot more helpful than the mod section of the forum, but I still didn't find what I was looking for. I guess I'll have to make it myself...
  8. So I went searching through the mod section but most of the titles don't say what the mods actually do and picking through the individual threads takes forever. I made it through the first page, but then I fell asleep. So I need help from the mod knowers...I'm looking for a mod that replaces the skill/perk system because I'm tired of my skill choices determining my weapon use. That's all I want...not a complete overhaul, just something that decouples weapon skills from mining and crafting. Does such a mod exist?
  9. It's all about the fight, IMO. If you can just afk through horde night because of the design of your base, then it's cheese. I don't mean traps and turrets grinding up everything before it gets to you, I mean the AI having literally no chance of breaching your base because it doesn't understand how. If it knows how, but just can't - due to your active fighting or clever trap placement - then it's all clean.
  10. I didn't feel like starting a new game so I am completely aware that the choice not to could be the cause of these bugs, but I've experienced a fair few weird ones, so I thought I would share them and see if anybody can repro on a clean game start. 1) Loaded iron crossbow bolts are invisible. The animation plays, but there is no bolt visible. Can easily screenshot if requested. 2) Crossbow bolts don't stick in enemy models. When you hit an enemy with a bolt there is a pretty significant offset between the model and the sticking place of the bolt, making it appear as though the bolt is floating in midair. If the enemy is still alive and continues to move, the bolt waves wildly in the air. Observed with zeds and some but not all animals. 3) Robotic turrets fall through the floor. I set 2 turrets to guard a door while I cleared a room. Came back, no turrets, but I could still hear them. HUD indicators showed them below me, where I found them 1 floor down. No idea what triggered this as turrets did not fire while I was in the room and I have only seen this happen once out of many turret uses.
  11. I had the same issue as the OP. AFAIK, it only happens with Q3 yellow robotic sledges. You also can't sell them.
  12. I think a lot of people in this thread are arguing just to argue. I said it before and it's still true: the circular dependency is not a bug, mistake, or design oversight - IT IS A CHOICE. TFP made that choice deliberately. You are within your rights to disagree with that choice and change it. That is all. Thread over.
  13. Yeah, I've heard that too, but I don't see it as a solution. Look, I'm fine with slow playing. I don't need to grind or rush to enjoy the game. However, knowing that the game is designed to effectively hold you back in this way - that there is no chance, through either random luck or deterministic purchasing, to move ahead of the curve decided for you is bound to make the game feel flat and samey on multiple plays. Harder biomes and POIs are a must and will be a partial remedy, but they don't hold the solution for players who want to go slow and steady, but still have some chance of finding/crafting/buying anything beyond what their gamestage dumps buckets of at their feet. Finally, AFAIK, the enhancements to localized gamestage will not be part of A19, but it sounds like the trader nerf will be. That structuring sounds like a really bad idea to me.
  14. This is strictly your opinion. It is not a design oversight, it's a design choice to disallow players focusing on crafting to the exclusion of all else. You may disagree with the choice, but it's not a mistake and it's not objectively wrong.
  15. I keep hearing this and it really scares me. I don't dislike the lengthened stone age (outside of stone junk in sealed crates, that's dumb) but imagining it combined with a trader nerf just doesn't seem like it's going to be any fun. Players like to gear up and feel more powerful and the trader is a good way to provide concrete aspirational stepping stones for players to do that. Earn X number of Dukes in Y amount of time and get your prize. If the traders don't carry anything better than what we can find, early game progression will really be limited to grinding XP in the most efficient way possible just so the game can begin. I hope TFP are really paying attention to the feedback they are getting on this topic, because it has the potential to really ruin the vanilla game. People will still use it as a modding platform, but I have to think they want people to actually enjoy the product as they made it.
  16. Except that in vanilla, those ingredients are extremely easy to loot from the very beginning of the game. They require nothing beyond the starting tool and a very small amount of exploring to gather in pretty decent numbers. The catch 22 only presents itself if you limit yourself in your gameplay in a very specific way, i.e. pure crafting without any looting or POI interaction, therefore most vanilla players will not see it as such and have a hard time getting where you are coming from. I think your best bet lies in changing the recipes rather than the loot as the former can be pretty satisfyingly balanced on your own by removing things that don't make sense to you and adding other things to compensate, whereas changing the latter can turn into a very messy slippery slope.
  17. I think this is the real issue, but there just isn't that much for us to talk about. TFP have definitely shifted the game balance away from pure, self-sufficient crafting to a more balanced mix of crafting and looting with a fair bit of trading tossed in. I, too, remember the days when you could craft everything in the game from harvested resources alone, but for better or worse, those days are long gone and they are not coming back. The decisions TFP have made in many regards have shown us that they don't want you to be able to access everything by any one avenue. This is clearly bad news for people who want to be self-sufficient crafters, but extensive modding is the clear, only answer unless you are satisfied to never have Q6 gear or be fully reliant on perks to unlock recipes. I would say that the "catch 22" you've pointed out is a bit of a misnomer as it is not that at all for vanilla players. That's probably the source of most of the hostility you're getting.
  18. That's actually a really good idea. A big part of the problem with the huge ranges is that you just can't tell at a glance which item is better than the other. Descriptive names might help cut down on the time you spend staring at numbers, which is just not fun.
  19. I like how the zombie AI is coming along. The addition of stumbling and falling down to their routine really makes them feel dumber and more zombie-like. I still think they should be more focused on trying to eat you rather than smashing the scenery when you are directly in front of them, but we're making nice progress towards a nice simulation of brainless, undead, flesh-hungry monsters.
  20. I've been banging this drum since they introduced the variance ranges in A18. Gazz basically laughed at me and has essentially ignored the topic ever since.
  21. There's definitely something weird about the way they attack when you're on a vehicle. Even when they are not clumped, they seem to perform some sort of chain attack versus mounted targets that allows them to hit WAY faster than they can against a normal target. That attack speed allows them to hit criticals at an unreasonable rate.
  22. Bob's friendliness totally creeps me out. His goodbye spiel is like one of those greeters at the Sears photo stand. Weirdly specific, I know. Jen just told me how lonely she gets sitting there all day. It really seems like she was designed to appeal to sweaty 16-year-old boys.
  23. But he doesn't call you "@%$*#!er" anymore. It's like an angel with clipped wings...
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