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  1. Rocket Launcher: Cripple 'Em: 20% chance to cripple a leg on a bipedal target The Hunter: +100% damage to living beings Barrel Extender Mod: Increases damage, range, and aimed accuracy but more unwieldy from the hip Muzzle Brake: Diverts the propellant gases to reduce recoil Laser Sight: Helps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy from the hip. Press F to activate. Hold F for multiple items Scope 2x: Increases visual magnification when aiming Laser Sight: Helps with aiming quickly and increases accuracy from the hip. Press F to activate. Hold F for multiple items Weapon Flashlight: Press F to activate, Hold F to activate multiple items Rad Remover: Disables radiated zombies for 90 seconds Source: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/20138-item-mod-compatibility-list-for-alpha-19-experimental/
  2. I think your best bet here is to modify the xml so that every dead zed drops a loot bag. Then you can use F6 in creative mode to spawn large numbers of zeds and then the 'killall' console command to kill them all and drop the bags.
  3. Bedrock is the bottom of the world. AFAIK, it's about 60-70 blocks down.
  4. A new character is unskilled, not weakened. The world around them is built to match that level of skill. The reason why people sat out the A17 death timer was because they didn't want to interact with a world that had scaled to match their skill without having their full strength available. Those of us who play DEAD IS DEAD don't have that problem and never will. I know it's not the way most people want to play and is fully unsuited for multiplayer, but it does resolve any trouble the devs have in balancing the perfect death penalty.
  5. First of all, totally inappropriate response. The ad hominem was completely uncalled for. Who @%$# in your cheerios? Secondly, I never complained about the death penalty. In fact, it is wholly irrelevant to me because I play DEAD IS DEAD. Finally, I was responding to Roland's post in the academic sense regarding the difficulty in satisfying all the players with any kind of death penalty. If you were paying attention, you'd see that they were discussing the death penalty as a concept, not just as it exists in A19. Roland was talking about combining the A17 debilitation with the A19 XP penalty. I responded regarding that approach's inherent flaw...it's simply impossible to balance. I'm fully aware that most people would not want to play as I do, regardless of how true it is to the survival genre, therefore my assertion that DEAD IS DEAD is the only solution was quite facetious. Responding appropriately is much easier when you understand the context of what you're responding to, see?
  6. It's well known that old maps do weird things in new versions. You SHOULD get your map back if you roll back your version, but I have to ask, why? What's so special about that map?
  7. This is a low-key necro. The OP never responded, so I'm assuming the original advice solved the problem.
  8. Death penalty inherently sucks. Nobody wants to play the game in weakened form. Any serious penalty leads to death spiral and penalties that are too mild make death into a useful way to fast travel/clear debuffs. The only solution is DEAD IS DEAD. It's a survival game...if you die, you lose.
  9. This is literally just a box to stand in with traps placed around it strategically. There is no corridor. Zombies are free to approach from any angle. How would you not exploit the AI? Do you have to build dumb? Are we not allowed to be smarter than the zombies?
  10. Solo play is balanced enough, maybe on the easy side. You just need a better base design. Not sure how you're defining exploit, but something like this allows you to go toe-to-toe with late game hordes and be done repairing by noon the next day. Note: I've done some upgrades to the base since that photo, but the core concept remains the same. Let me know if you want more detail.
  11. Have you tried playing on a different map yet or always the same one? I'd be willing to bet you can at least play Navezgane even if RWG or pregens are not working.
  12. Well, if you're playing vanilla, I'd say a fresh install is your first best remedy.
  13. So...does that mean you are using NitroGen? Maybe you need to update that?
  14. This makes no sense - at least not coming from someone on your settings. The flaw is not in the argument. The argument is good...freedom is good in a sandbox game. More things = more engagement and more fun. The argument is good. But it doesn't make a bit of sense playing on the most extreme settings the game has to offer without modding. You've CHOSEN the MOST RESTRICTIVE settings and complain about lack of freedom. Why don't you do horde every other day instead of every day? That gives you DOUBLE THE FREEDOM! Why not step the difficulty one down from insane? I bet you'll suddenly feel way more free to loot high intensity locations like kitchens and toilets. Better still, play on default settings and THEN judge the freedom of activity in the game. The reality is, we're free as birds, the game just doesn't have that much content yet. If you want to complain about that too, you can, but you're going to get hit over the head with the word ALPHA a lot, so be prepared.
  15. Yeah, I think so. Need an answer from @Gazz or @faatal or somebody who really knows to be sure though.
  16. Just do giveselfxp in the console...much less effort.
  17. It governs how zeds behave...task 2 is the destruction mode they enter when they detect a player they can't get to...task 3 is the mode they go to after they lose track of a player and roam the area looking for a new target.
  18. And that's exactly why the game isn't balanced around edge cases...how many players engage in giant builds that would allow 2-3 levels per day?
  19. Why do you have to catch up to him? If you're playing together, one player being higher level than the other shouldn't matter a bit. If it's such a big deal for you, why don't you just switch off? He builds for 3 days while you go questing, then you build for 3 days while he goes questing...or, I dunno, maybe spend a few days building together then a few days questing together... There are a lot of solutions to your "problem" (not really a problem) instead of coming in here asking for nerfs. Seems trivial. If you're in late game decked out in high tier, high quality gear a few skill points here or there is NOT going to make a difference in your killing efficiency. In fact, I would seriously question how you spent your points if you're that far in the game and don't both have your relevant combat skills maxed out. The GS loot tiers are extremely broad...you're not going to see a significant loot variance unless we're talking about a really huge gap in levels and EVEN IN THAT CASE, if you're level 150 and he's 250, you'll still be able to find the best stuff in the game even if not at exactly the same rate as your friend. ALSO...if you're doing all the looting, what does it matter the alleged quality of his loot that he's not getting while he's leveling super fast by building? I'm sorry to be so brusque, but your problem is really just not a problem.
  20. I think this is a little overly dramatic. Repair is not in a great place now, but it's fine. If the Pimps don't touch it before release, it'll be just another system that functions adequately and has a ton of unrealized potential. If they do want to improve it, something like liesel weapon's suggestion is a clear improvement with no real downside...no additional "busywork", just some choices about how you maintain your gear. Even if the Pimps are not interested in a system like that, I'm sure some modder or another will be, so it will be addressed - either officially or unofficially - and failing that it will just be...OK.
  21. The horse is SO dead, bro. No matter how good the idea is, they don't want it. There's just no point in even discussing stuff like this outside of the modding forum. I'm a fan of LBD, by the way.
  22. It's meant to be balanced since the game is not only about killing zombies. If you find aimless upgrading to be fun and rewarding gameplay, do it. It's not an exploit...just a painfully boring way to play, IMO. Also a warning: if you level up purely through building and don't upgrade your gear your gamestage will outpace your combat ability and you'll find it difficult to go back to adventuring.
  23. I don't want to tell you how to play, but I can say that trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish in the way you are going about it makes things very difficult. If you're willing to adapt your playstyle and adjust your goals and timetable, I think you might be more successful and have more fun.
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