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[Suggestion] More map marker icons?


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I do truly appreciate the ability that we can add our own map markers to the map, which vastly reduced the chances of getting lost or forgetting where something important was that you later wanted to get back to (oh, the old days...). However, the short list of structure and the "X" icons don't really cover all the possible uses of this feature. I often use map markers to mark my origin spawn-point, functional workstations in POIs, and other possibilities.


What would be ideal, would be to add several more available icons, such as the various workstation icons (forge, chem lab, etc), weapon icons, crosshair icon, etc already in the game that are used for other features. Being able to choose a different color from a limited palette (white, red, blue, green, etc), could also be beneficial.


It's a minor request, but I think it's one of those things that players would appreciate that they might not think to ask for.

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