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    No Traders (A18)

    Actually, the skill points are awarded at the end of the crafting quest line so they are still awarded.
  2. Aerial

    No Traders (A18)

    That sounds relatively easy to implement. I'll take a look!
  3. Aerial

    No Traders (A18)

    Return to the classic 7 Days experience and say goodbye to Joel, Jen and the gang! This modlet removes traders from random world generation and deletes challenge quests since there are no traders to turn them in to. Gold and silver nuggets (useless without a trader) have been replaced by useful loot. Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5ttk8da3li3733/NoTraders%20v1.0%20A18%20Modlet.zip?dl=0 This modlet requires a new game/world. It appears to break old games that have generated traders, though I am unsure why.
  4. I wanted to see what the game would be like without traders so yesterday I wrote a modlet to remove the traders at world generation and to get rid of the challenge quests since there is no trader to turn them into. So far, I love it. It feels like the game used to, where I am alone in the apocalypse and surviving is entirely on my shoulders. There are no quests to do to get dukes to buy food or items and I don't feel compelled to settle in a specific area because it's near the trader. I can just... go. Wherever I want. Everything I do is about finding resources, but there's no easy fallback at the trader and no checking back every few days for restock. It's liberating.
  5. If you set the trader to "Like", he'll use all of the Jen/Joel verbiage and be as nice as can be. Do you object to his appearance as well? Outright removing him is a bigger deal in terms of the xml edits. Just making him nice is really easy.
  6. It's a one word fix: In npc.xml make the following substitution: <npc_info id="traderrekt" name="Traitor Rekt" name_key="npc_traderRekt" faction="whiteriver" portrait="npc_rekt" greeting_type="nearby" stance="Dislike" voice_set="trader" trader_id="1" dialog_id="trader" /> Replace "Dislike" with either "Like" or "Neutral" and you will give Rekt a better personality.
  7. Small thing, but the medical item rewards for Tier 1 quests are way too high. We were getting 9 - 11 *med kits* as the reward for a Tier 1 buried supply quest. Also got a similar number of medical bandages for doing a different Tier 1 buried supply quest. These should reward 1 - 2 medical bandages, at most and never med kits. Not for Tier 1.
  8. At the time the OP was describing, the central city had zero respawn time. The zeds couldn't be cleared - ever - and it was purely an exercise in getting in, getting as much as you could before you attracted too much attention, and getting out again without getting overwhelmed. Gunfire was guaranteed to bring every Z in a three block radius toward you. It was difficult. It was scary. And it was fabulous. Only Tier 5 quests come close to recapturing that feeling in the current game, but there are only a few of those. They get old after a while. The central city could be anything RNG gave you.
  9. Can't wait for A18! Well, actually I can... but only because I have no choice :-) Madmole, has anyone suggested removing the grass fiber clothing from the game? It served a purpose when there was no temperature protection buffer for the first few days but doesn't really contribute anything to the current game. Plus, the idea that I could pick long grass and weave it into a shirt or pants is kind of unrealistic... The fact that clothing is scarce is one of the things I like about A17, but unless I'm going into the desert or snow I don't end up caring about most of the clothing items because I've got the instant grass fiber clothes from day 1. If I find a shirt, great! If not, no big deal. It's really more psychological than anything, but the fact that I'm not wandering the wilderness barefoot and pants-less makes my survival situation feel less dire.
  10. More than being able to gauge distance, what we really need from a throw arc is some way to know whether the thrown thing is going to make it over the edge of the block/railing/etc. Because the avatars do not bend at the waist or lift their arms on screen or give any other indication of where, exactly, the throw is going to go, it's very easy to think you're going to clear a 1-block high railing in front of you, only to have it hit the railing instead. And either explode or light you on fire.
  11. Maybe it should attract vultures.
  12. Given the current state of farming I'm surprised food is a significant issue even on large population servers, but since I've only played in small groups I don't have any personal experience with it. Could you please elaborate on what drives food scarcity on they server(s) you're talking about? How many people play on the server? Is the loot respawn timer at 30 days (I think that's vanilla)? Do people farm?
  13. For A18? In A17 there are a couple of POIs that I know I encounter vultures on... three that I can think of off the top of my head, but my general impression is that most roofs are vulture-free. In my experience roofs tend to be among the safest places in the game.
  14. How about taking nests off of the ground entirely (or mostly?) and putting them on rooftops? With vultures, of course. It would have the added benefit of making it less appealing to bypass the dungeon POIs by climbing to the roof and cutting through to the loot room.
  15. Or you can find one corn field and get 58 corn that you turn into 14 seeds. Then all you need is to find a hoe (not usually difficult) and 1 point in fortitude for the first level of Living off the Land and you get 14 corn every other day. Two points, I think, gets you 28 per harvest? (Might be three, I can't remember for sure.) But still, not a huge investment. I've been finding 4 or 5 fields, minimum, in any given city, so nerfing those in some manner would also help. To truly get to exponential growth does take investment but it takes far less than that for a single player or small group to be swimming in grown food.
  16. We regularly find 3 or 4 guns per day starting around day 6 or so. Very early days not so many, but it's pretty easy to find guns in the first day or two. Usually we dump them into a gun box until that overflows and then we go through and aggressively scrap all of the lower level ones because the mechanical parts sell for more than the guns.
  17. I tend toward thinking craftable up to 3 or 4 would be better, just to be certain that there's a significant difference between what can be crafted and what can only be found. If it's a lot of risk to look for a purple gun that's only marginally better than the blue I crafted, I probably won't do it. If that purple weapon is vastly superior, then the cost in time, risk and ammunition to search for it becomes less daunting. I really like the idea of gun parts for both repair and crafting (at least that's how I've interpreted what madmole has said). It provides a weapons sink with a pretty simple and flexible mechanic. I hope there will be something similar for clothing and armor as well.
  18. It was kind of silly, though the game was less "realistic" at that point in its development anyway so it didn't seem so strange then. However, it was an effective mechanic gameplay-wise. It forced players to invest time and effort into protecting their farm, whether by walls and defenses or just raising it off the ground. Big farms required big investments in the defensive infrastructure. Given that the plants died when they were harvested and you had to sacrifice some of the crop to re-plant, it was pretty decently balanced.
  19. My only concern with having animals eat crops is that it could turn a garden into a meat delivery service rather than a control on farming output. I proposed using temperature to control plant growth and therefore farming output. If crops can't grow at both the low and high ends of the temperature spectrum, then farms would either not grow at all or be much slower in the "hard" biomes (desert, snow). And if you add in a seasonal temperature cycle so that crops can only grow for a portion of the cycle, then it makes it necessary to stockpile food to get you through the cold season. This could be a tough challenge for players joining a persistent server if they arrive in the non-growing time, but they can also log in for the first time at 2100 on a horde night so there's really no way to totally protect new players joining a persistent world. We have so many cool food sources in the game, it's really a shame food isn't a bigger part of the gameplay. Canned goods are nearly useless now because food is so plentiful and they have the food poisoning chance that makes them a last resort item only. But what if surviving on canned goods was a normal part of the game? Then those airdrops become something you wait impatiently for and that Shamway Foods sign in the distance is like a beacon because now food is something you can't take for granted. Finding a deer or a pig or a cornfield would be reason to celebrate, especially if "fresh" food gave you a bonus of some kind (doesn't have to be wellness, but maybe infection resistance?)
  20. It would require a UI change to make it clear, especially if you want to be able to specify how many of which alternate items you want to use in a recipe. For the vanilla game, there are only a couple of places where it would really help - like glue for instance. Right now, we can only make glue with murky water. We could have a second recipe to make glue with clean water but then there are two "identical" recipes in the list and you have to make sure you get the right one. It's not a big deal but it would be a nice QoL improvement as well as giving the game a bit of polish. Where it would really change the game is in modders' hands because new items and recipes are a huge part of what modders bring to the table. Creating a more powerful framework for them to work with would open up a lot of possibilities for mods.
  21. Getting a garden going is pretty well balanced in my opinion. It's not super simple but can be done given a little time and intent. The problem is that once you've done that, you never have to worry about food again. It's not the getting of the garden people are trying to offer solutions to. It's the infinite food source for no effort that results after you establish a garden. I think we're hoping for some mechanism to make food always something the player has to be concerned with, rather than something that is only part of the very early game. As pointed out upstream, it's an issue with meat and eggs, too, because there's currently no food sink to absorb surplus over time. The amount of meat and eggs is appropriate for the early game but leads to massive stockpiles once you progress past the first few weeks, as you pointed out. I hope that clarifies the point I was trying to make. I don't want new players to starve, or for the early game food gathering to become more difficult. I do hope that some mechanism can be introduced that prevents food from becoming trivial later in the game.
  22. That's just the thing. To be a survival game, food shouldn't be easy to get. It also shouldn't be so difficult that the player does nothing but try to get enough food to survive but making food trivial takes away from the gameplay.
  23. Yup. They'd have to scavenge canned goods to survive. Or buy food from traders/vending machines. Or raid other players' bases for food.
  24. A couple of questions: Would it be possible to reconfigure how recipes work so that one recipe could have several options? For instance, right now bottled water can be made in a couple of way (murky water or glass jar + snowball) and these have to be separate recipes in the list. It's a small thing, but having only one recipe entry in the list regardless of how many ways there are to create it would be cleaner and less confusing from a UI perspective, and would benefit modding as well. Second, I asked this a little ways back in this thread but the conversation moves so fast it might have gotten lost in the shuffle: To keep food relevant without spoilage, I'd propose that plants only be allowed to grow within a reasonable band of temperature and that a "seasonal" temperature cycle be added to the biomes in addition to the daily cycles. The reason being that you could then create a situation where the player can grow and harvest food for 14 days but then can't grow anything for the next 35, for example, even in the temperate biomes. Then food sourcing becomes a signficant gameplay aspect but without all of the challenges spoilage introduces.
  25. Another reason food becomes infinite so quickly with farming is that, in addition to no spoilage, we also have year-round growing. If you can grow/harvest every day, yes, it's really easy to build up a surplus. But if you could only grow for 14 days (or whatever represents a "season") and then couldn't grow anything for the next 35 days, that would be far more challenging without needing to introduce food spoilage. I guess my request would be the ability to program a cyclic temperature cycle for each biome and to be able to set plants to not grow below and above certain too-cold and too-hot thresholds.
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