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Sleeper spawning


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Hi all,


I am hoping I can get some assistance with the issue I am experiencing. First, I know when it comes to editing xml files, there is limited support. BUT I would like to attempt to get help any ways.


I looking through the various xml files in the config to find the setting I was looking for, setting the days to when sleepers respawn after clearing a PoI.


I found spawning.xml and it looked very promising. I even found the setting that looked like what I needed: <property name="DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft" value="5" /> <!-- in game days -->


It made sense, since the respawn of the sleepers was 5 days. Here is the issue, this setting did not affect the spawning of the sleepers at all. I tried many different things like new worlds(SP), validated files, no other xml edits and ect.


My question is, is this the correct setting I am looking for? Is the respawn time hard coded in? Is the XML bugged out to not applying these settings?


The logs show absolutely nothing that I can see. They are almost identical to a game with validated default files. If needed I can post them.


Thank you!

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