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  1. Ah I can see that. I do try to keep both places updated, not sure why it slipped my mind from before :/
  2. Russiandood


    MAGBOW I realized I never posted the Magbow here when I created it for A17. It was posted on Nexus and I figured most were using Nexus anyways. Regardless, I want to make sure I have it here as well.
  3. Hey all! Sorry for the radio silence! Currently I am working on getting the Magbow updated first then going to tackle the rest Weed whacker was updated by a few modders already, so I might try something different ;P. Keep an eye out for updates!
  4. Yup! The best and easiest way is to remove the learnable tag on the voucher in the recipe xml. Let me know if you would like better instruction or if you have more questions .
  5. I think the extra levels listed there is when you start reading magazines and your level goes beyond the max for that short period.
  6. Hey fellow mod makers! I wanted to share something I ran across with animation of weapons. After some insight on more XML configs that we can use, I found a couple interesting looking tags. After some trial and error, I excitedly got this to work! I am sorry if this was already done and a tutorial has been made, I couldn't find one. Here is the video: [video=youtube_share;nvvFE82l_zk] Please let me know if you need any clarification or if you have questions. I am in no way an expert on this, I just thought I would provide what I found and that it works for me. I am going to experiment on other tags to see what I can do, but for now, this is what I got! Thanks!
  7. Awesome! Thank's for the kind words I am glad you like it!
  8. Oh dang, my bad. I forgot to open it to the public. It's fixed now for future use. Thank you for the heads up!
  9. Updated Helping Hand to have Categories in the menu
  10. Lol no worries my friend! I've used the batch method for both Localization and Quest Localization. So it's more than doable Just let me know!
  11. Awe man! I saw this and thought SWEET MAGIC, then I see its still a WIP :/ Can't wait for this to come out and to see how much you do with this. Oh, and let me know if you want me to make another Batch script for you ;P Nice work so far! Looks Amazing!
  12. Updated Grass Cutter! Now 1 hits Cacti, trash and dead bushes for your quick clearing needs.
  13. Updated Stack size mod to better accommodate the splitting of the resources for the forge and other crafting.
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