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[A17] Create a random world?


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It does help to read the config file. It's pretty self-explanatory, and there are lots of guides too.


 <property name="GameWorld"                 value="Navezgane"/>            <!-- RWG (see WorldGenSeed and WorldGenSize options below) or any already existing world name in the Worlds folder (currently shipping with Navezgane) -->
<property name="WorldGenSeed"             value="asdf"/>                <!-- If RWG this is the seed for the generation of the new world. If a world with the resulting name already exists it will simply load it -->
 <property name="WorldGenSize"             value="4096"/>                <!-- If RWG this controls the width and height of the created world. It is also used in combination with WorldGenSeed to create the internal RWG seed thus also creating a unique map name even if using the same WorldGenSeed. Has to be between 2048 and 16384, though large map sizes will take long to generate / download / load -->

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