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Drop on death backpack despawning?


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Got attacked by a wandering pack of dogs and the last one ends up getting me. So died more than 2km from base/bedroll and seeing as how it is already after 8PM I decide to wait for morning to make the run to retrieve my gear.

While tooling around in my base I see the backpack icon on my compass so I know it is there, but sometime around 3AM the icon disappears from my compass.

At 4AM I start my run and get to the place where my bag should be -- but no bag. I am playing single player game so there is nobody else that could have picked it up. Checked console log and nothing about it falling through the world, even turned on debug mode and looking under the ground in case it was just under something. No luck - completely gone.


Since I have my game set to drop pack on death, it means lost a bunch of supplies including food, water, ammo and some loot I had recently picked up. Slightly frustrating.


This is my first death in b199 so I don't know if it is a bug or some new 'feature'.


Has anybody else seen this?

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Never noticed it on A16 but spent a lot of my time there on a friends server that he might have changed that timing.

Personally I would like it to be one day (60 minutes). I understand about making the game more challenging for players but this is a poor method of trying to force somebody into a risky night run.


Where is the setting for that so I can mod it for myself? :)

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