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  1. If they ever add food spoilage to the game....
  2. To take my turn at the dead horse as well... It seems that a combination of LBD, Skills/perks and schematics might be a decent balance to the game. LBD would be focused on basic skills; like running, melee, archery, mining, cooking, sneaking and a few others. Skill points/perks would be for bonus items and special skills. Iron gut, healing and choosing a character progression path. Schematics would the instructions on how to craft items. Reading multiple schematics will increase your quality level to make things better. An example of this in the defense w
  3. Agreed that screamers need to be buffed again. It used to be too easy to attract one with just a half-a-dozen torches. So they were popping up constantly and got annoying. Also, as long as you are paying attention you hear her coming and can kill her before she does a horde spawn scream. So what I think needs to happen is to turn up the heat generation of forges, chem stations and generators so that running one will summon a screamer within 30 min real time. And it needs to be a group of 3-4 screamers so that it is much harder to kill them all before they scream. Add a 15-30 s
  4. What about giving the iron and steel tools a slight passive looting bonus as well? Similar to but separate from Mother Load. A 5 or 10% increase would probably be enough for people that are resource mining to look towards using the next tier tools as soon as possible.
  5. Thoughtful? You realize to zombies that simply means eating your brains....
  6. Because the Pimps have not added copper and tin to the game yet in order to make bronze?
  7. I keep asking about an upgrade to the campfire to a wood stove, there is even already a model in the game so cannot see it would be that hard to do that one. For a long time I had also wanted an upgraded forge for steel and maybe other specialty metals but doesn't look like that is going to happen. I like the idea of a machining table as an upgrade to the work bench, but I don't know that there is a good upgrade for the chemistry station, since it is already sort of an upgrade to the campfire for some things like glue. I would love to see these but at this time I think the only rea
  8. Loot and food probably ought to be balanced for SP, and then multipliers added to increase for MP games. The trick right now is you have only have two options, they really need to add some presets for MP games that can be targets for balancing. Say 3 levels of MP, one for 2-5 players, one for 6-10 players and one for 10+.
  9. the overage is still there - if you look at your buffs in the left corner you will see a number that slowly counts down. looking in the stats window you get the description of 'Digesting' Muskets. The blunderbuss is a shotgun style weapon. Musket will be a rifle and there might be a flint lock pistol added as well.
  10. Okay, skimmed most of the thread so somebody else has probably suggested this, but.... Right now, crafting and looting do not work well together because they produce the same items. What really needs to happen is that COMPLETE items become very rare loot and parts for crafting becomes more common. Add this to perk system and reading additional schematics on an item increase the quality level of a crafted item. The perk tiers work the same as now, for each level bought you craft the next tier up on the item. Schematics would be similar in that each one you read increases your tier l
  11. I would put that in the Bug Reporting thread to make sure it gets checked.
  12. I agree. There needs to be something to cause weapons and gear to wear out and be removed. It used to be that you could wear items out but they removed it a couple versions ago.
  13. Amazing how much has changed but yet it is still the same core game and there are clearly things identifiable even through all the versions.
  14. Nah - It would leave you completely at the mercy of the loot tables. If you don't find the books for your weapon of choice, you would have no recourse. The Pimps learned this a few alphas ago with the forge and steel books. If you didn't find the book, you were unable to make iron or steel. There needs to be an alternate method rather than looting for the nessicary stuffs, like tools, weapons, crafting stations and armor. But mods for all those items I think leaving them found items/schematics is perfect.
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