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Graphics / performance setting (help needed)


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Hi guys/girls, I have to make a choice.. it's difficult..


A) Full textures, low shadows, 1280*720 resolution.. Playing with an FPS of 15 inside buildings (sometimes as low as 12), or


B) Half textures, no shadows, 1280*720 resolution.. Having an increase of 2-3 FPS compared with A, but the game doesn't look as atmospheric anymore, or


C) Full textures, low shadows, 800*600 resolution.. Having an average of 30-35 FPS, but the obviously smaller screen..


What would you guys do? Honest question.

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Lower FPS is probably fine for non horde nights.

Drop it to best FPS for horde night, min detail trees, shadows etc.


Plan B - upgrade ;)


To expand, if the gameplay becomes almost unplayable the visuals don't matter as much, use your discretion :)


Thanks! Hehe yeah.. Upgrading won't be an option at the moment.. I don't wanna buy a new laptop just for 7 days to be honest :)

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If you are using an NVIDIA card go to your NVIDIA settings and Change all the quality settings to default. Also select the quality option.. Let 3D software decide the quality. Make sure 7DTD is not in the list of custom software settings.


If you are not using NVIDIA find your similar graphics settings on your card.


The Idea is to not let the card take over the graphics quality and let 7DTD take it over and decide what it wants to do. This ended any short freezes while traveling and now A17 is actually performing better than A16 for me.


This will help a lot.

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