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  1. A19 RWG 8K - World Seed " last person standing "
  2. This is about as weird as it gets. Not vanilla 7DTD but weird. Flooded Mega City https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/18725-flooded-mega-city/
  3. 8k map by Nitrogen Using the Compopack 43 prefab pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6ididvx1ueswwt/COMPOPACK_43(for Alpha18.3_built3).7z?dl=0 Within a day I will be editing this and posting a link to the generated world for downloading if there is interest. Nice view from the top of one of compopack's prefab ( radio towers? ). The water is flooding one side while the other remains dry. What appears to be flat solid water is actually blocks, walls and columns of water. You can swim to the top of the buildings. Under Water looting. Standing on top of a submerged building. Notice you can fall out of the water and land on the street below and break you legs, or worse. I have a suspicion that this water anomaly extends across the entire map. But not certain. Don't want to spoil it for me. I broke the water by misplaced blocks and got these globs on the ground.
  4. I like my cheese strat. I just want more zombies. Or the choice to add more. If I want a challenge then I just get on the ground and try and defend myself.
  5. I don't think I got around to saying just how freaking awesome A18 has turned out to be. It is like a whole new game. My biggest problem with A17 was the drab dreary landscape where everything seem to be covered in dust, and every town looked the same. You have definitely solved that issue. The best game ever, just got better. Thank you for all the hard word you guys put into this. Signed, Cat rolling a watermelon out of a lake.
  6. I can build a dedicated kill them all base by day 2 using nothing but wood blocks. So by bloodmoon 1 I end up killing every zombie by 1 or 2 AM ... kind of anticlimactic. I would like to see more zombies on bloodmoon. I would like to see 128 or more bloodmoon zombies. I would not even care if 128 bloodmoon zombies were only half the XP or something. But I kill 64 too quickly then spend the rest of my bloodmoon picking my nose.
  7. I don't mind playing experimental versions. I would like to play the newest version available. Are experimental versions still a thing. Will they continue to be upgraded? Or is A18 stable the latest and the greatest. Really don't know which one to set my steam library to. Would be nice if it said something about that on the steam library front page.
  8. Nope I jut get a little bonk. Maybe time for a bug report
  9. Not for me. And also lots of missing textures. Experimental -- I know. Really liking A18
  10. It happened to me as well. I also have missing textures. Missing textures on the hair of the zombies.
  11. I say old chap.. may I lightly bonk you on the forehead.. using a forward short motion?... Tap... there you go old boy... I have power swung you... begone! FUN PIMPS... We want to feel like we are beating the carp out of these guys. It's personal. Follow through. The swing needs follow through. And for what it is worth, I really like the enrage mechanic. I'm a fan. But that's just me.
  12. Running is no longer a giant chore. It feels to me like they have got the stamina balance just perfect. Leveling up take a lot longer.. Awesome! Power leveling makes a game boring real quick. Graphics... Nice! Best of all .. it just plain works. The menus transition faster. The interface is more responsive. RWG map panning is much much better. Looks like some optimization kicked in.
  13. I as well would like to see more of this. In the meantime don't forget to set your download region in your steam settings to the closest area to you, or fastest downloading connection you can find. WARNING: Do not be tempted to clear your download cache. Unless you feel like downloading your entire steam library again.
  14. Can Confirm. Follow the instructions of @quyxkh , then shut down and restart 7 Days To Die for good measure. Problem is gone. Edit: Weellllll.... Things are a little wonky still.. but playable. Let us hope further updates aren't 1.6GB in size just to fix this sort of thing.
  15. Cat's are not self cleaning. They get dirt off their fur and put it in their mouth. Cat's are an entire dirt / saliva ecosystem. Only fit to serve me by retrieving my watermelons from the lake.
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