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A17 Quality Damage Bonuses


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This modlet adds some quality bonuses to both Entity and Block Damage.


It is percentage based for now and adds 20% per quality level to entity damage (0% for 1, and 100% for level 6). It also adds 40% to block damage per quality level (0-200%). I added this in, as it felt like there was less of a reason to worry about quality level unless you had mods on hand, which are few and far between.


It should stack as a modlet without issues, it removes all other perc_adds to items and then adds these to all items found (with special changes to items like the AK that normally have custom perc_adds).


EDIT: All future updates will come through the main thread:


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It doens't break anything related to perks, and it is easily adjusted to taste. It is made to address a problem where there wasn't much point to crafting any weapons or tools, since they always did the same damage. When I maced out my levels I found that it still took 4 hits with a pick to break a stone (instead of 5) and the weapons took multiple headshots to kill a biker. So I did this as a fix, whether it is too much or too little still remains to be seen, but again anyone can easily adjust the levels for their own personal use.

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I have been looking for this kind of mod and glad someone did it. I have made some adjustments and added certain weapons.

Adjustments: Block Dmg is tuned in a way, that now with steel shovel grade 6 you are able to oneshot dirt blocks.(250/250)

Also tuned down entity Dmg in general.


Added: Shotguns and Magnums. Full Gunslinger Perk and Magnum will body hit one shot now most of the easier zombies. Tested on mostly hazard zombies from a military camp :)


<!-- Change damage based on quality level -->
<remove xpath="/items/item/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']"/>
<remove xpath="/items/item/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='BlockDamage'][@operation='perc_add']"/>
<append xpath="/items/item/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']">
	<passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value="0,04" tier="1,6"/>
	<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value="0,12" tier="1,6"/>
<!-- Alter the Entity Damage in line with the original files  -->
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunAK47']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">-.2,.8</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunPumpShotgun']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">-.2,.8</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gun44Magnum']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">-.2,.8</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunSMG5']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">-.2,.8</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHuntingRifle']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">.35,1.35</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunMR10']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">.25,1.25</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunCompoundBow']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">.3,1.3</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunCrossbow']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">.45,1.45</set>
<!-- Alter the Block Damage in line with the original files-->
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHuntingRifle']/effect_group[@name='Base Effects']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage'][@operation='perc_add']/@value">.35,2.35</set>

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The append lines actually add the scaling to every item. The reason some of the guns are in there separately, is because those guns have a bonus or penalty in the vanilla files.


Also note, what you added reduces the scaling damage on the shotgun and magnum by 20%


- - - Updated - - -


Nice one, haven't tried, but I will certainly pick this up. It's kinda.. boring that item efficiency is not affected by quality. Would be neat if other aspects could scale as well, like range, damage falloff, maybe even reload speed and such.


I am thinking of trying that out this weekend.

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Alright i thought it overwrites the damage amplifiers. The Magnum was indeed a bit too high w/o it. Have not tested shotgun. But Magnum did sth around 450 DMG / shot which is insane if you factor in perkz and other multipliers. Now it should be around 200.

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Nice one, haven't tried, but I will certainly pick this up. It's kinda.. boring that item efficiency is not affected by quality. Would be neat if other aspects could scale as well, like range, damage falloff, maybe even reload speed and such.


After some testing, we can increase much of these options (if not all of them) with each quality upgrade.

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