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  1. I would set it to 100%, let people chose thier classes then set it back to what you want. At least thats what I did
  2. Well for me nothing was showing in the starter cases but I had loot set to 75%. I changed to 100% and it always has items now. Thats all I was saying that it might not have been a conflict w/ another mod but the loot percentage
  3. What do you have Loot Abundance set to? If you have it lower than 100% those cases more than likely wont have their items in them @stallionsden, Are there item descriptions or am I missing them?
  4. Thanks for responding so quickly @stallionsden
  5. Do these have to be uploaded both server & client side?
  6. Oh man this looks beautiful. No reason to start a new game adding this correct? Fine to add to existing game on latest exp correct?
  7. Geez sorry dude. 160pgs I only got thru about 20 of them. Too bad theres not a wiki available so people dont ask repeat questions And I didnt see any perk that said anything about schematics. Still dont but w/e, dont wanna bother anyone on here by asking something. Pricks
  8. Still looking for an answer on 1.) How to learn how to craft schematics (ie. wood splitter, rad remover, etc) 2.) How to obtain skill notes (I've been playing for quite a while and could only find 3, its takes 120 for a new class!?!) Any help would be appreciated. I was told hotbar and click but I dont think they were referencing craftable schematics unless I'm doing something wrong.
  9. No I mean the schematics for modifications. It keeps saying I dont know the required recipe. I just tried to the belt like you said and it didnt do anything.
  10. 1.) How do you learn how to use schematics? 2.) Where the heck do you find the papers to make class papers? I've found (3) and it requires (120!?) Thanks for your help!
  11. How/when do you learn wheels? We learned bicycles and mini bikes Also the P225 book I have but cannot read
  12. I keep getting errors on my server. I placed the Sorcery folder in the /Mods folder on the server and I copied the localization from that folder into the /Data/Localization.xml file at the bottom but nothing. I dont have to install this locally do I? What about the SorceryMod.xml file included in the .zip? Please help, I am trying to use this in conjunction w/ DarnessFalls Overhaul
  13. Are these broken? I click on the links and the webpage never loads to save a file Quality Damage Bonuses Quality Effectiveness Bonuses
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