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Modding Toolset


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I haven't been on the forum for about 12 months, and I am not attempting to catch up by reading everything posted in that period. So if someone could help me out.


I recall that the devs said at one point that TFP would be releasing their own modding toolset.


a) Is this for real, or did I imagine it?

b) If it is the case, is it in planning or development or sitting on the backburner?


P.S. I am aware that our wonderful modding community has already produced some fantastic tools, I am referring specifically to an in house toolbox.

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Yeah I'm really hoping for in-game prefab editor at least.

One that includes the ability to import and export prefabs so we can share them on the forums here.


What would also be nice are some terraforming tools for custom maps.

I suspect anything like that is another couple Alphas off but maybe some day.

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Yep, terraforming tools... Little information only exists about it.

Something like World Painter in minecraft, I guess? But with road and hub tools.


Oh yeah!!!

That would be really great.




Shame Hal9000 is so busy.

He's got the skills to make something like that but his time is in great demand.

Maybe one day someone will pick up the torch and run with it.

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