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clothes and items

Two Penguins

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Has anyone done it or made a tutorial on it? Moding in of new items esp various armor changes or new items like glow sticks? Is there anyway to do this, if answer is yes, without causing the members to have to download it as well?


I am just talking changing armor or creating various flashlight type items.



Thank You



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Like Guppycur said, each client would have to download file so they could see.


The easiest way, is UABE, Umaplayer file, sort the types.

Extract the texture2d files to a folder as tga, edit with image editor, But stay within the outline and it will automatically wrap to entity.


Google textures, and use clone 100%. Make sure the mask layer is white, also will need any simple program to make a normals bump map to make texture not flat. then just batch import them back in to file.


The uma is for all the players, but duplicates can be found in resource.assets.


If you use guppy's BadCompany Archtypes mod, you can literally have a huge variety of armor.


Hope that helps.245026852_sil2.jpg.580997f1b03c49db9de1d9bc0615b495.jpg

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