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Server wipes


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I have over 300 hours played, I love this game!

However, I have this issue I'm hoping you all could help me with.


So my friends and I like to play on the modded servers for the benefits they have but it seems that every time we really get a base going the server wipes and it's really disheartening.


So my questions are, is there a way to tell if a server will be wiped at some point? Are there servers that don't wipe or don't wipe for a really long time and if so how do you tell? I just want to find a server my friends and I can play that wont be wiped for a long time or doesn't wipe at all.


Thanks so much for your help guys!

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Guaranteed when a new Alpha release comes out. Some servers will switch during experimental, some will wait for stable. Whenever they do switch, a wipe of all data will be required.


Outside of that, it's typically announced. Some servers do a monthly wipe, or bi-monthly. Some never do, or just wipe specific regions, like Cities. Sometimes they'll only do regions, sometimes regions and player files.


Really the only way to know for sure if if it's in the listing, the server website, or announced in the server.

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