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Silent crash to desktop


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Vista hasn't been supported for a while now. It died on April 10, 2012, and extended support died April 11, 2017. Windows 7 is the current "old" supported OS through 2020 or up to 2023 with paid support.


Anyhow, I came to report a bug and saw this and thought I'd note that this is indeed a kernel issue according to the log which is posted above. Take a look at the ELF info. The library attempted to use an ELF class which the OP's kernel does not know. I run Gentoo GNU/Linux on MANY systems and am way ahead of Ubuntu. There have been a LOT of changes in the past four years upstream from Ubuntu and ELF stuff has seen its share. As Sylen suggested, you may want to update to something current. There have indeed been a ton of kernel updates in recent releases of Ubuntu.

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