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Cannot access/interact with storage boxes, forge etc


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Format PS4 Digital copy

Private hosted multiplayer game I am host, one other player Damselx1

version 1.18

Difficulty adventurer

random gen map Seed outbreak

zombie run default

Aggression normal

daylight 18 hours

Drop death all

drop at quit nothing

enemy memory 30

loot reset 5

abundance 150

air drop 72 hours airdropsd

minibikes marked but none made yet



played for around 2 hours ISH and although the prompt is there to interact with items, there is no response. Shut down console for 5 mins to cache clear. While we have had this in the past it was always the client player rather then the host player that would be affected in this manner.


Damselx1 told me that someone else reported this recently but I could not find that thread to add to it.


CLearing the cache does fix the issue

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You are good. Sometimes it is good to start a new one. I have had this issue before but it has been awhile back. Can't remember what I did or anything. But anyway look about 4 pages back you should find the post about it and look over what was said. It may or may not help but until Clare gets on tomorrow it be something to try and see.


Edit: Wait I miss read the last part. So clearing cache did solve the issue? Never mind what I said then lol.

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Thank you for reporting this Pablodiablo, I'm glad the cache sorted out your issue too. Please let me know if it happens again.


Damselx1 is correct, this was reported twice in the past week or so by PS4 players. Having not heard of it for a while I'm curious to find out what could have caused 3 reports of this issue in such a short time span. Especially when hosts seem to be effected this time too. I wonder if it's something to do with a blip in PSN connection (just trying to think of something all the reporters would be linked to).


Thank you again for reporting this in detail.

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Actually -- in past experiences -- this usually was a precursor to an MD5error crash. It would start with pressing the button to open or interact and a long delay before a bunch of "interaction" sounds played on top of eachother and the last thing that was interacted with would open (and shut if too far away). This usually led to nothing working then the inevitable crash (sometimes with MD5 error sometimes not).


I haven't played in... geeze.. about 8 months to a year now on console so it's been quite some time lol.

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Hi Jugginator,


I remember the MD5 trigger you're talking about. I believe this trigger was fixed - the team have fixed a lot of the MD5 triggers in the past year to where there seem to be just a small amount of triggers left causing issues.


This issue Pablodiablo mentions above is one that seems to just prevent interaction with objects, similar to what other players have reported recently and does not appear to extend to a crash and MD5 error like trigger did in the past.

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Actually that's what I meant, back then when I was playing on console I had that happen sometimes. It usually associated with lag and sometimes cought up or sometimes crashed -- not always with an MD5 bug although. It was followed by an MD5 eventually once or twice. But yeah, it was rather common on split-screen or just with another person in the game; certainly lag, because sometimes it would catch up and play all of the interaction sounds at once.

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