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Based disappeared


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We built a base inside a mountain... but also a garden on the outside... plus various other structures. After being away from the base for about 14 in-game days (on an exploration trip), when we return, the base inside the mountain was gone, refilled with rock.


Our garden was completely gone, as well as various structures like mini towers for our shotgun turrets. Our large look out tower was partially there, cut in half... and our underwater entrance to the base was still there (but no base).


We are playing on a alpha 16.4 and a GameServers dedicated service.


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Seed is OldGoat_A16_Random


Yes I have backups, but thats not the point .


Don't know if its reproducible since this is the first time its happened to us.


What logs do you want, the game didn't crash.


I don't know exactly when the main base went "away" as we go out exploring for weeks. But apparently this "issue" occur approximate 3 weeks ago since I had to go that far back in my backups to find the base intact


Why would this not be classified as a bug? Is bases disappearing a normal thing?


Would you like the xml config file from the server ?

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xml config, and the log from when you came back to it and it was gone would be helpful.


Most likely what happened is the region file got corrupted for some reason, and was reloaded when you returned to the area.

If that is the case, there are a large number of factors that could have caused it to happen, most of which don't have anything do with the client.


Based on the information that you had to go back 3 weeks, I'd have to say that it was lost 3 weeks ago.



If we can replicate it, then we can determine it's a bug. If not, then it's most likely just a file error on the server. The log can help to determine if there was an error loading that region.

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hint output log files from client game and if applicable from dedi server... this can show if there was a server reset from script or accident and or show some other type of error. Sylen cant help without good info thats why he is asking. :)


xml will only be useful if there are modifications. please read the link provided. this will answer your questions.


we do ask people to use this link which is there to help us help the public. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?29037-Read-before-creating-new-threads

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