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yo im new to this but i wonder about jumpscares


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Oh there's some jump scares. Be out gathering supplies at night when a zombie comes running at you from behind or at the side, bashing your skull in.

Crawlers sometimes get me too, especially in the grassy areas. Ill clean out a wondering horde and will turn to see one suddenly at my feet. Sometimes i hear them....sometimes i don't.


Hit up the wasteland in search of a treasure or supply drop & suddeny find a dog gnawing at your giblets.


Go to dispatch a screamer, she yells before you can kill her. So then you think, bring it on, ill kill the few she spawned in. Then you turn around and a feral or zombie bear is hurling towards you.


There's jump scares my friend. None of the type your thinking, but the game still has its butt hole puckering moments!

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